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Our Couch with Scotty

Adam and Scott kick off a jovial chat on their virtual couch with Scotty B. They banter about football, quiz Scotty B on Carlton trivia, and explore his unexpected tap-dancing past. Light-hearted fun ensues!

Our Couch with Pete

This week our hosts Adam and Scott, feature guest star Peter from Marketing! From his Chilean-Finnish roots to hilarious impulse purchases and foiled pilot dreams, it's an unforgettable Swedish-tinged journey!

Our Couch with Erino

Adam and Scott sit down with Erino – product designer at Rex – as they dive into the world of design, the charms of remote work in sunny Sydney, and the odd impulse purchase!

Our Couch with Meghan

Join hosts Adam and Scott for a quirky chat with Meghan, once-teacher now Head of People & Culture at Rex, sharing her journey from classroom to corporate, failed horse riding attempts, hubby's surprise motorbike purchase, and her winning choice of battle: an obstacle course!

Our Couch with TJ

Join us on a rollercoaster of fun as Scott and Adam interview TJ. From humble artsy kid to corporate Creative Director, sword-dancing champ, and professional chaos-handler, TJ shares his colourful journey at Rex!

Our Couch with Hamish

Join hosts Adam and Scott for a chat with Hamish, the tennis-coach-turned-senior-salesman, who once braved the polar vortex for a conference, harboured archeologist dreams fuelled by Indiana Jones, and had a brief flirtation with 'modelling' - all while navigating hilarious rapid-fire questions!

Our Couch with Ed

Adam and Scott host a lively chat with Ed King, Design Practice Lead at Rex. Ed's role involves everything from colouring with crayons to intricate designs, while reminiscing about his brother's influence on his career choice. He humorously detours into sharing childhood ambitions from plastering to deep sea welding, ending with his dreams of a New Zealand holiday.

Our Couch with Phil

Join Adam and Scott for a hilarious chat with Phil, the tech lead who isn't Scottish, loves Modern Family, and thinks he could outrun Scott. There's rapid-fire questions, casual banter, and an intriguing discussion about running endurance. All in a day's interview!

Toe-to-Toe with Angela Stergou

As a one woman sales team, Angela Stergou juggles a lot of responsibility, but she always makes time for her physical health. Find out why a 30 minute daily workout session is key to her well-being and how such sometimes a strict, regimented approach can help keep you on track in her busiest days. Also why the unique relationships built in the Real Estate industry can sometimes become lifetime friendships.

Toe-to-Toe with Peter Hutton

Peter Hutton of Hutton & Hutton talks about the unique challenges of living and working with his family. We learn that sometimes it’s inevitable that work gets brought to his family’s dinner table, and that’s okay! But with some helpful boundary setting and a ‘rule of veto’ enforced, it is possible to strike the right balance.

Toe-to-Toe with Nyree Ewings

Nyree Ewings from LJ Hooker Property Centre in Cleveland talks about the importance of discipline for her health and wellbeing and how, in the world of real estate, having a clearly defined ‘end’ to the day can create the perfect reset. We also learn about the role technology can play in simplifying the day, giving us more time to focus on things that bring us joy.

Toe-to-Toe with Brett Andreassen

Brett Andreassen, Salesperson at Plum Property chats about setting boundaries when it comes to the work week, learning the importance of saying no and discusses how, in the aftermath of a natural disaster, it refocussed him to take more time out to work on his mental health.

Toe-to-Toe with Nicole Bragg

‘I think the worst holiday I ever had was the Maldives!’ Nicole Bragg, Sales Professional at Explore Property Cairns talks about her unconventional methods of relaxation and why there is no set way to practice mindfulness. For her, climbing mountains and going for early morning walks are her form of meditation. We also get an insight into how Nicole sets well defined boundaries between work and home, so much so that her children were surprised to see her on a billboard for the first time!

Toe to Toe with Phill Broom

Director of Ray White Springfield, Phil Broom, talks to Antonia about his 3 buckets approach to health and wellbeing and how this mindset helps equip him to deal with the challenges of running a high performing real estate agency.

Toe-to-toe with Amy Bennett

In this episode of Close-Ups, we meet Amy Bennett, Sales Professional at McGrath Caloundra. Amy has discovered the joys of music in helping keep a healthy headspace, tapping into all genres, from uplifting metal to Icelandic folk! Sometimes all it takes to start the day in a good mood is the right song. We also learn how setting time aside for loved ones is essential in avoiding burn out.

Toe-to-toe with Alex Jordan

In our first episode of Close Ups, Antonia goes toe-to-toe with Alex Jordan, agent at McGrath Paddington, to discuss all things health and wellness. As a sufferer of Crohn's disease, Alex gets candid with why prioritising his health is extremely important for not only himself, but his whole family. He goes on to discuss the importance of a good night's sleep and why something as simple as letting your bare feet feel the Earth can make all the difference in helping you reconnect with the world around you.

Looking forward in 2021

Tom and Kev look forward to the year ahead at Rex.

Continuous optimisation

You already know that stale listings achieve little to no buyer enquiry. The longer a property sits on the market, the less interest it generates… and the more effort it takes to sell. Sound familiar?

Ideas for prospecting ads

The kinds of ads you can create for Facebook, Instagram and Google are endless. In this Reach Bite we’ll share just some ideas we are seeing agents and property managers use to get results from their digital ads.

Planning for your next digital prospecting campaign

Want to start ramping up your sales pipeline? Prospecting online can give you a real advantage. Check out the campaign options Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) offers to help generate leads and drive your business results.

How Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) helps you target passive buyers

When a homeowner or landlord fills out a contact form your site, they are ready to go and we call them ‘active’. But what about all those customers out there who are ‘thinking’ about a move. You might not know who they are, but you can bet Google and Facebook have a pretty good idea.

Nailing your listing ad creative

Great results come from well-crafted ads. In this video snack, we’ll talk you through the three parts to your ad creative: photos, headlines and the all-important description.

Property audiences in Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) - targeting and remarketing in one

Check out these three audience targeting dimensions Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) will walk you through: where they live, what they look like, and why they are doing.

What is retargeting?

You’ve probably heard before - getting ads from websites you’ve previously visited. But every wondered how to make the most of this functionality?

Better targeting with digital

Digital advertising is all about getting your message to the right people .. with a range of targeting types. Now you can just talk to a homeowners 5km from your office, instead of the while city.

We're all on social media

This video snack highlights the key stats of social media usage. How does this compare to your Apple Screen Time results this week?

Why digital advertising?

We all know the world has gone digital. Think about how many times you jump online during the day. You are just one of the 4.5B people online all the time … so it’s time for real estate advertising to go digital, too.




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