Why digital advertising?

Four and a half billion people across the globe use the internet. In Australia, more than twenty-two million of us are online - and that number is increasing every year.  The amount of time we spend online is also increasing. We’re currently spending an average of five hours and forty-one minutes online every day - thirty-seven minutes more than twelve months ago. That’s almost 40 hours a week online.

So, it makes sense that advertisers have steadily been shifting spend away from print and other offline media and into digital over the past decade.

The reasons for this growth lie in the technology that enables all this digital activity.

  • It allows for really tight targeting
  • It provides great flexibility to change messages, channels and budgets
  • It just works on mobile ...and with millennials today living off their phone this one is critical
  • Its fast to setup - no long delays in booking space
  • It has all the measurements you need to demonstrate the value of your ads
  • and when you hit the sweet spot, it can go viral

Just think about the ads you see every day on your mobile, your tablet and your laptop. It's pretty hard to call out an industry that isn't taking advantage of this digital revolution.

Today advertising online and on social media is now a mainstay in many agency marketing plans. And with Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) we manage all the heavy lifting, making the process of campaign creation, publishing and reporting super simple.

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