Beautifully bite-sized resources to snack on

It doesn’t take a marketing degree to advertise on social media and the web. It just takes the confidence to know that Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) has got your back.


Series 1 • Episode 1

Episode 1

Why digital advertising?

We all know the world has gone digital. Think about how many times you jump online during the day. You are just one of the 4.5B people online all the time … so it’s time for real estate advertising to go digital, too.


Series 1 • Episode 2

Episode 2

We're all on social media

This video snack highlights the key stats of social media usage. How does this compare to your Apple Screen Time results this week?


Series 1 • Episode 3

Episode 3

Better targeting with digital

Digital advertising is all about getting your message to the right people .. with a range of targeting types. Now you can just talk to a homeowners 5km from your office, instead of the while city.


Series 1 • Episode 4

Episode 4

What is retargeting?

You’ve probably heard before - getting ads from websites you’ve previously visited. But every wondered how to make the most of this functionality?


Series 1 • Episode 5

Episode 5

Property audiences in Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) - targeting and remarketing in one

Check out these three audience targeting dimensions Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) will walk you through: where they live, what they look like, and why they are doing.


Series 1 • Episode 6

Episode 6

Nailing your listing ad creative

Great results come from well-crafted ads. In this video snack, we’ll talk you through the three parts to your ad creative: photos, headlines and the all-important description.


Series 1 • Episode 7

Episode 7

How Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) helps you target passive buyers

When a homeowner or landlord fills out a contact form your site, they are ready to go and we call them ‘active’. But what about all those customers out there who are ‘thinking’ about a move. You might not know who they are, but you can bet Google and Facebook have a pretty good idea.


Series 1 • Episode 8

Episode 8

Planning for your next digital prospecting campaign

Want to start ramping up your sales pipeline? Prospecting online can give you a real advantage. Check out the campaign options Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) offers to help generate leads and drive your business results.


Series 1 • Episode 9

Episode 9

Ideas for prospecting ads

The kinds of ads you can create for Facebook, Instagram and Google are endless. In this Reach Bite we’ll share just some ideas we are seeing agents and property managers use to get results from their digital ads.


Series 1 • Episode 10

Episode 10

Continuous optimisation

You already know that stale listings achieve little to no buyer enquiry. The longer a property sits on the market, the less interest it generates… and the more effort it takes to sell. Sound familiar?