Rex Reach vs Boosted Posts: Unpacking the Best Strategy for Agents

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To stand out in today’s property landscape, agents are grappling with a growing list of tools and services to elevate their marketing strategies beyond the standard fare. Among these, 'boosted' posts across Facebook and Instagram have emerged as a popular choice. However, when it comes to effective real estate marketing, the real question emerges: can boosting posts, accessible as it is, truly match the performance of a platform engineered explicitly for the intricacies of the Real Estate industry? Let’s dive deeper and find out.

Understanding Boosted Posts: 

Boosted Posts are a form of paid advertisement on Facebook, allowing content to reach a broader audience beyond organic followers. They're known for their simplicity and immediate increased visibility, although they operate within the confines of Facebook's algorithms and audience restrictions.

The Advantage of Rex Reach: 

Rex Reach is a sophisticated ad platform designed for real estate professionals. It leverages detailed audience data to target individuals at different stages of their property journey, spreading advertisements across Facebook, Instagram and the Google Display Network.

While both options have their merits, a closer look reveals key differences.

Audience Reach:

  • Rex Reach: Provides a vast outreach by advertising listings across Facebook, Instagram, and the Google Display Network. This ensures that a property is not just seen by social media users but also by those browsing millions of websites accessible across the Google network.
  • Boosted Posts: Primarily appear in the feeds of your followers and those you target. They may not have as broad a reach as a platform like Rex Reach that taps into the most relevant audiences across multiple networks.

Targeting and Objectives:

  • Rex Reach: Employs precise audience targeting, focusing on individuals actively interested in buying, selling, or renting properties. Targeting prospects more efficiently and economically, ensuring the right people see the ads at the optimal times. Choose from a range of different campaign types including brand awareness, lead generation and resource downloads to support your marketing objective.
  • Boosted Posts: Their main purpose is to generate likes, comments, and overall brand awareness. They might not be as effective in converting audiences into tangible leads or actions.

Ease of use:

  • Rex Reach: Designed to be powerful yet user-friendly. Rex Reach automates content creation, deploying up to 27 different ad formats across multiple networks. Integrating directly with your CRM system, Rex Reach pulls in listing details, significantly reducing manual effort.
  • Boosted Posts: While easy to use, they don’t offer the same level of detailed targeting and customisation as specialised platforms.

Marketing performance:

  • Rex Reach: supports the real estate marketing funnel by offering ad formats for market reports, property listings, and home selling guides. Reach’s tailored design assists agents in generating and nurturing more leads, integrating these new prospects into their CRM systems.
  • Boosted posts: straightforward in generating immediate visibility but lack the depth and strategic components necessary for nurturing leads and converting them into tangible sales opportunities in the real estate sector.

Benefits of Choosing Rex Reach Over Boosted Posts:

  • Wider Network Integration: Rex Reach doesn't limit itself to social media. It taps into the expansive Google Display Network, ensuring maximum visibility.
  • Tailored for Real Estate: Designed with real estate professionals in mind, it resonates better with the objectives and goals of real estate advertising.
  • Greater ROI Potential: Given its vast reach and tailored targeting, Rex Reach can provide a better return on investment by capturing more qualified leads.

For real estate professionals seeking robust, efficient, and targeted online marketing, Rex Reach presents itself as a clear frontrunner. Its tailored functionalities outshine the generic nature of boosted posts, underlining the importance of industry-specific marketing solutions in reaching the right audience, optimising ad spend, and ultimately, securing more leads.

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