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Not just a product suite for better client experiences. Rex gives all your staff the tools they need to do their jobs, better.

Set yourself up for success with streamlined agency admin

Why Real Estate Admin is easier with Rex

All your marketing in one place

Rex CRM’s powerful web-based brochure-building tool allows you to effortlessly generate eye-catching brochures and window cards that perfectly match your agency’s brand. The brochure builder includes default brochure templates that can be used as they are, or adjusted to suit your needs. Simply merge your listing data, then choose what you want to display. Use the simple click and drag newsletter builder to quickly construct email newsletters for your clients, then use the Scheduled Send function to line up your regular newsletters and email campaigns in advance.

Brochure Builder

Simplify database management with Saved Filters

To save you the trouble of having to redefine your popular filters every time you use them, you have the option to save them for use again later. Saving your filters means you can create specific contact or property lists, drill down to specific sub-sets and mine for specialised data in no time at all. Once you’ve saved your custom filter you can share it across your entire team. This simple piece of functionality takes away the tedium of double data entry that can add up to hours saved in a week.

Saved FIlters

Customise your records with Custom Tabs

The custom tab functionality allows you to store additional, specialised information about property and contact records, unique to the way your agency does business. Build out your records with W/C property categories like heritage-listed buildings, information about development potential or features specific to rural properties like barns and livestock. Use them to incorporate Sale and Listing Checklists on your records to take over from previously paper-based checklists.

Custom Tabs

Easily track and follow-up marketing costs

Money matters - which is why Rex CRM has full functionality to make your fiscal responsibilities as simple as possible. Manage your listing financials, trust accounting, VPA, and budgets, all while tracking your cash flow, payments, and commissions. Rex’s invoice management reporting allows differentiated reports for external vs. agent expenses. This makes it easy to track and follow up on costs and payments from your selling staff.


Start streamlining your agency admin

Get the most out of your CRM to set your agency up for success with these key features.

Agent Admin

Track costs and payment for your sales staff.

Assume Identity

See the job from your agents' point of view

Bulk Merge & Step-Through

Connect templates to tasks for rapid-fire follow-ups.


A powerful built-in calendar, purpose-built for real estate agents, agencies and support staff. Win back control of your day with Rex Calendar! Learn how here.

Custom Fields & Tags

Store your own unique data against records

Lists & Advanced Filters

Organise and filter your property data so it works for you


Take complete control over what your users can see and do in the system

Operational Reporting

Financial, advertising, contract and listing management reports

Data Management & Mass Actions

No-fuss control over your data, done your way

Staff Exits & Task Transfers

Potential business won't follow staff members out the door

Tracks & Template Management

Combined prospecting and client management

More than 2,500 agencies use Rex for their Real Estate Admin every day
More than 2,500 agencies use Rex for their Real Estate Admin every day
Highly rated Real Estate Admin software from our customers
4.7 Rating from 147 Google Reviews


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