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Tracks & Template Management

Combined prospecting and client management

Creating and enforcing useful best practice is an incredibly important (and equally difficult) part of any sales manager’s role. This one function has potentially the strongest effect on improving prospecting, sales and client management activity inside an agency. Putting your years of hard-earned lessons into follow-up tracks and merge templates gives your staff all the tools they need to do great things in their roles.

This optional add-on is available for
Available for
 Starter plans and above.
 Professional and Enterprise plans
 Enterprise plans
It requires an additional initial setup fee and an ongoing monthly fee.
It requires an additional initial setup fee.
It requires an additional ongoing monthly fee.

Tracks are grouped, time-released tasks that define best practice in following up listing prospects, appraisals, buyers and everything in between. Rex comes with 16 follow-up tracks targeting designed to cover different types of client at varying interest levels. You can use these straight out of the box, customise them or create your own to suit your specific way of doing business.

Adding a track takes two click of a mouse. When combined with the CRM’s bulk merge capability, completing template-driven tasks takes agents seconds.

Once you’ve defined your best practice, Rex takes over to make it easier for agents to follow your process than it is to do their own. You can be confident that the path of least resistance will actually be to follow your agency best practice.




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