Property management reimagined.

Property Management – completely reimagined to prime your property portfolio for growth all while putting your agency, property managers, owners and tenants' experience first.

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Property management, managed properly.

Designed from the ground up, using industry best practices. Rex Property Management offers not only the simplest experience to manage your property portfolio but as a first, offers you the ability to plug into your Rex Sales and Rentals CRM to surface new growth opportunities.

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Packed with the tools to take you and your agency to the next level

From task management to maintenance, compliance and trust accounting. Rex Property Management has the tools to manage your rent roll efficiently.

Uncover growth opportunities

Rex Property Management plugs into Rex Sales and Rentals CRM which allows you to identify intent signals of when a tenant, owner, buyer or seller is about to engage with property management services and vice versa. Imagine an investor enquiring on a sales listing but buys elsewhere – giving you the ability to pitch your property management services

Trust accounting

Rock solid trust accounting that removes double handling and errors. Experience a simple and efficient way to manage financials

Task management

Task management taken to a new level with the agency, PM, owners and tenants in mind. The Rex Property Management Task Engine ensures your teams are always working on the most important tasks whilst removing a lot of unnecessary processes. The result is more efficient and happier property managers and landlords and tenants that are proactively taken care of.

Customised processes

Designed for every agency in mind. Don’t buy into a property management platform that forces you to their preset processes. Create your own checklists that you can link to your tasks and keep your teams following the same consistent process that works for your agency.


Compliance management ensures you take no risks by providing automated tasks for your Property Managers, and also allow you to upload warranties and manual, keeping all the information in one place and prompting when something is up for renewal.


Rex Property Management has spent thousands of hours understanding how to turn processes on its head to create new and better efficiencies. Our maintenance capabilities give you the right transparency for PM’s and owners whilst also making it more efficient.

Property Management built to delight. Ask our Sales team for a peek now.

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Property Management Software Mini Demos

Financials Mini Demo

Get a walkthrough of our latest product – Rex Property Management – and what makes the future of property management and our Rex ecosystem so exciting.

Task Management Mini Demo

With Rex PM’s Task Engine you can leave the stress of a never-ending to-do list behind. See how you can gain greater control and visibility over your most important tasks, so you can focus on what matters most.

Dashboard and Property Records Mini Demo

Tired of outdated and unintuitive property management tools? See how Rex Property Management gives you an efficient overview of your portfolio performance and allows you to quickly find the records you need.

Maintenance & Work Orders

Let Rex PM work as the middleman between suppliers & owners managing quotes from different types of suppliers for a range of issues. You can request multiple quotes at the time, issue and work order and track its progress all within the task.

Inspections on the go

Complete your inspection and send the report on the road. If maintenance is needed you can simply create a task while you're at the property. Keeping the flow on inspection and task management streamlined.