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Rex Software is excited to announce a significant update to the Reminders feature within Rex Sales & Rentals CRM, tailored to improve task management and ensure comprehensive oversight across all agency operations. This enhancement introduces the ability to share tasks across user groups, the flexibility to reorder reminders and a new Internal Approval process designed to optimise your agency's workflow. Here's a closer look at how these upgrades will make your business processes more intuitive, flexible, and tailored to your agency's needs.

Empowering Teams for Shared Success

Successful teamwork lies in seamless collaboration and the efficient management of day-to-day tasks. Recognising the challenges teams faced in sharing and managing tasks, the Reminders update significantly improves visibility, shareability, and flexibility, addressing common pain points such as missed tasks. By enhancing collaboration and efficiency, Rex Software aims to support real estate agencies in achieving streamlined operations without the need for costly custom solutions.

Feature Enhancements:

  • Assign to Individuals or Groups: Reminders can now be assigned not just to individual Users but to User Groups, making it easier to manage tasks across teams.
  • Create Floating Tasks: Say goodbye to the constraint of due dates for every task. Create Reminders that remain active until they're completed, providing flexibility in task management.
  • Reorder Track Reminders: Adapt your workflows on the fly by reordering Track Reminders, allowing your agency to prioritise tasks in real-time and ensure critical tasks are addressed promptly.

Streamlined Compliance for Larger Agencies

Enforcing internal processes without heavy customisation has historically been challenging for larger agencies. With the launch of enhanced Reminders, internal processes can now be integrated directly into Rex CRM, complete with approval steps and audit trails detailing task completions, approvals, and the associated users. This feature is pivotal for heightened compliance and oversight, facilitating processes like VPA approvals, commission assessments, and pre-publication checks.

Feature Enhancements:

  • Internal Approval Reminders: The new Internal Approval Reminders feature introduces a pause in task progression until necessary approvals are obtained.
  • First-Class Process Integration: Build and enforce internal processes directly within Rex, complete with audit trails detailing task completions, approvals, and the associated users.

In Summary

The launch of the enhanced Reminders feature marks another step forward in Rex Software’s commitment to helping real estate professionals and agencies of all sizes streamline their operations, safeguard compliance, and achieve their business goals more efficiently. Whether you're in search of a transformative CRM solution or are an existing Rex Software user eager to maximise your CRM's capabilities, this update is designed to support your real estate business's success in a competitive market.

If you want to understand more about how our large agency and enterprise customers are using our API, find out here!

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