Sell houses like Happy Meals using Tracks

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As humans, we’re hardwired to love consistency. Consistency creates habits. Builds reputations. Enables efficiency.

When something (i.e; your brand and service) is consistent, we trust it. 

Take McDonald’s. When you walk into any one of McDonald’s 40,275 restaurants around the world, you know exactly what to expect. At every McDonald’s, a Big Mac tastes like a Big Mac. You order, tap your card and receive a warm bag of (highly processed, delicious) food within minutes.

It’s consistent. Familiar. And highly efficient. Just like good real estate service.

Standardisation: the secret sauce for success

The secret to McDonald’s success has nothing to do with cheeseburgers and fries. It all comes down to obscenely consistent service, driven from the top down. In other words, standardisation. 

Standardising agency processes is your golden ticket to ramping up referrals, streamlining your time, elevating agency insights, and pocketing more commission. 

Now don’t worry, the aim isn’t to dilute your agency’s soul. Your unique touch, your signature style – that's your superpower. After all, real estate thrives on human connection, and your personality is the magnet. We’re talking about implementing efficient workflows and time-based reminders so you can be you more consistently, with minimal effort.

Streamlining processes using Tracks

‘Tracks’ are a feature of Rex CRM, delivering timed reminders for agency best practices. A Track presents tasks related to contacts, properties, or listings, prompting action at the right moment. Rex can even auto-send SMS and emails, enhancing process reliability.

Beyond mere convenience, Tracks are crucial for agency process standardisation, bringing significant benefits:

  • Consistent Quality: Delivering a uniformly positive client experience can boost repeat and referral business. With "Tracks", ensuring this consistency is straightforward.
  • Higher Conversion: Effective processes mean repeated success. If a strategy succeeds with one client, it likely will with another. As you refine using tracks, you'll observe steadier conversion rates. Moreover, they ensure no lead gets overlooked.
  • Efficiency: Standard processes, like reminders for property transactions or anniversary dates, eliminate the need for memory jogs, saving time and mental strain.
  • Insightful Oversight: For managers or directors, "Tracks" provide insight into agent activities. Checking adherence to established workflows becomes a breeze, aiding in performance evaluation.

In essence, "Tracks" are instrumental in refining, standardising, and overseeing agency processes.

Your guide to personalising Tracks

Rex offers ready-to-use tracks based on top real estate agencies' practices from Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. While these are valuable, tailoring them to reflect your agency's unique personality is essential.


Steps to customise your Tracks:

  • Understand Rex's Default: For instance, Rex has a track for homeowners considering selling. While this track is pre-built, you can adjust the email and letter templates to match your branding.
  • Evaluate Your Processes: List out your prospecting, sales, and marketing methods. Remember, strategies effective in one region might not be in another.
  • Personalise According to Your Market: Adjust timeframes and touchpoints based on your specific market. For example, a rural agent may want longer timeframes due to low turnover rates, while luxury property agents might need more touchpoints for cold sellers.
  • Integrate Tracks: Make tracks a core component of your agency's operations. They're powerful tools that amplify, not diminish, your unique value proposition.

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