Continuous optimisation

You already know that stale listings achieve little to no buyer enquiry. The longer a property sits on the market, the less interest it generates… and the more effort it takes to sell. Sound familiar?

This is where digital really shines. Fifty-seven per cent of people don’t look past the first page of the biggest property website the industry uses. So, your chance of getting buyer eyes on your listing drops dramatically as soon as it falls to the second page – and that could be just a few days into the campaign.

But the beauty of digital advertising is, if your campaign isn’t getting the results you want, you can optimise it - improve it. You do that by going into the back end of Facebook or Google and changing the * headlines, * ad copy, * call to action buttons and * photographs. But first, you need to analyse what’s working and what isn’t. That’s a whole day job in itself, and it actually takes a bit of time to learn. That’s why there are digital marketing roles, after all.

Even if you do have someone responsible for this, do they have the time to monitor and tweak every single campaign that comes out of your agency? Probably not - that’s why a solution like Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) is a valuable part of the team as its doing the heavy lifting, even while you’re sleeping.

Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) uses a unique algorithm tailored for real estate advertising that tweaks ads and audiences during the campaign, so you don't have to manually check what’s working or not.

Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) analyses which parts of the ad setup are getting you results, and constantly optimises which ad variations are shown based on measured performance – leaving you more time to focus on enquiries. Put simply, everything you need to create the most optimised version of your ads is built into Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) - it does all the checking, all the thinking and all the switching for you.

Plus, when you use Rex Reach (formerly Spoke), you’re actually benefiting from everything we have tested, learned and improved upon over the years. Our users run thousands of ads through our platform every month. That means Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) is constantly learning what is going to get you results. We’ve built this knowledge into the product - we show you how many characters your headlines and other ad copy should be, so it looks good in every ad format. We tell you what size and resolution your photos need to be so that they’re crystal clear on all devices.

We’ve even built-in listing landing pages that are optimised for the different goals you’d want to achieve, depending on the property and current market conditions: You could be looking to * get maximum leads, * get qualified leads or * get more phone calls. We’ve made subtle design tweaks based on those objectives and tested different landing page designs against each other - to make sure our designs are your best bet at driving enquiry. For example, if you want to get more phone calls, your phone number will appear on the landing page where it’s most likely to be clicked.

And remember how we said that your audience is dynamic - someone can be a passive buyer, then an inactive buyer, then an active buyer… and then decide to rent? Well, Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) learns and tracks all of the buying and selling signals too. Our in-built audiences are constantly being refined - so that they are as up to date and accurate as possible.

So, that’s the short explanation of optimisation. There are digital marketing specialists that focus on this kind of activity day in and day out - but you’ll already have your hands full listing and selling more than ever before. You can sleep easy knowing that Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) is doing all the hard work for you, keeping your ads generating interest over the long term.

Thanks for sharing this bite with me. Optimisation may sound complicated - but it doesn't have to be.

We know a lot of you are already using Rex Reach (formerly Spoke), but if you haven’t tried it yet we can set you up with an account today.

Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) doesn’t have any contracts or minimum spend and you don’t have to be a digital guru to use it. It’s purpose-built for your average real estate agent who we believe should be focused on the relationship side of selling instead of the setup and admin. You can create a campaign and test it out with your morning coffee to see if it’s right for you. And over the next week or two Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) will optimise your ads performance while you focus on getting more listings.

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