Steal back your time by auto-sending SMS/emails from tracks

Auto-send SMS/email from tracks

You’re already using Rex to schedule your SMS and email mail merges, bulk mail merges and newsletters ahead of time. It’s time to kick your automation up a level with new functionality that automatically actions your tracks and reminders – sending messages at exactly the right time.

Heres a quick overview video, created as part of Rexfest 2021:

Rex can now run fully automated tracks and tick through your reminders list, filling your progress bar up with green – no human intervention necessary.

This functionality alone has the potential to save you hours and hours every week, if used correctly.

Putting auto-send messages from tracks to use

Create “set and forget” tracks

Not every contact in your database needs your full attention. If you treated every contact in your database equally, you’d have no time to do anything else.

The beauty of automation is that it allows you to be more human in the moments that matter, by taking care of the tasks that don’t require your full attention or efforts. Longer term follow-ups, like the anniversary messages you’d typically send one year after settlement, are a good example of this.

So, which contacts need your full attention? Most likely, it’s those interested in transacting in the short to mid term. Put your cold buyer tracks on auto-pilot.

Streamline your processes

It’s not just longer-term tracks and reminders for cold contacts that will benefit from this new functionality. Important time-related messages, such as pre-settlement letters, can also be scheduled and automatically sent – never forgotten.

Other ways you could streamline your processes with the auto-send messages functionality include:

  • scheduling your SMS reminders to sellers 24 hours prior to an open home, reminding them you’ll be in the house;
  • scheduling your email or letter to the seller, attaching the completed contract of sale; and
  • scheduling an SMS reminding all potential buyers when a property they’ve inspected is going to auction.

Here’s how it works

The next time you create an email or SMS reminder with a template attached, you’ll see the option to mark it as a scheduled send. Tick the box, and when the reminder falls due, the merge fields in the template will automatically be filled and the communication sent and filed in the appropriate spot.

Similarly, you now have the option to flag individual reminders within a track as scheduled send. You can even choose a specific send time and sender. Read our support article for more information.

To see the messages that are currently scheduled, simply navigate to your Scheduled Messages list.

None of this prevents you from completing these tasks in advance, of course – it merely prevents things from falling through the cracks.

That’s all for this release, folks! Any questions, our customer care team is available to help.

We’d love to hear how you’re putting this new functionality to use. Head over to Rexperts to share your thoughts.

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