Feature release: schedule your newsletters in advance

Schedule newsletters in advance

In an effort to automate more of the simple tasks so you can spend your time on dollar productive jobs and nurturing relationships (the stuff tech can’t do), we’ve developed a series of improvements to Rex’s scheduled sending functionality. Today, we’re releasing the first. It has to do with your newsletter campaigns.

This functionality makes sure your newsletters go out at the right time, every time - even if you’re out of the office or stuck on the phone. You’ll no longer need to remember to log in to Rex and hit Send Campaign. Simply click the dropdown arrow, select Schedule Send and follow the prompts to schedule your newsletter in advance.

It’s going to save you time, of course, but there’s a whole heap of other benefits too. Here’s five off the top of our heads.

1. A sleep-in on Christmas

We know you’ve got far better things to be doing on Christmas morning than logging in to Rex to send a festive newsletter. Many of you will have been up till an ungodly hour, haphazardly wrapping the last few stocking stuffers from Santa. You deserve an extra few hours under the covers (if you can get them). With this new functionality, you can schedule your Christmas newsletter well in advance. It’s one less thing to think about!

2. Consistency for your clients

Think of your favourite magazine or email subscription. You probably know how often it’s published and when you’ll receive the next one; you come to expect it in the mail or in your inbox at the same time each month. The same is true for your email subscribers.

By making a habit of scheduling your newsletter campaigns every week, you’re fulfilling your audience’s expectations. They know when they’re going to receive your latest listings, market update or tidbits about the local area - whatever you choose to write about. They might even make reading it a part of their Saturday morning ritual, or save it for their bus ride home.

3. Helps keep you top of mind

Most people buy and sell property just a handful of times over the course of their lives. The challenge for you is to make sure you’re in contact with them when that time comes. A consistent newsletter is a great way to remind your audience that you exist. The average professional checks their email 15 times every day, so there's plenty of opportunities to get your brand in front of potential buyers and sellers.

4. Keeps lines of communication open

Consistent email marketing also helps to keep the lines of communication with customers and prospects open. If they see something they like or want to know more about, it’s as easy as hitting Reply. Plus, a staggering number of millennials suffer from phone phobia - so email could be your best bet at striking up a conversation with people in this age group.

5. Builds trust and expertise

When your consistent email marketing messages contain information that is both useful and relevant to your audience, it builds trust in your personal profile and positions you as an expert in your farm. The thing is, the same newsletter won’t be relevant to everyone in your database.

You can use Rex’s mailing lists functionality to send different email newsletters to different types of people, but until now you would still have to log into Rex and manually send each one. Now, you can set them all up on a quiet afternoon and schedule them for the week or month ahead.

Remember, you’ll need marketing credits

Not sure what marketing credits are? Have a ready of our handy support article. Credits will only be deducted when your newsletter campaign is actually sent. If you don’t have enough marketing credits available when it comes time to send, your newsletter won’t be delivered. For more information on how marketing credits are used, visit our support centre.

Of course, you don’t have to use this functionality. You can still send emails immediately - but why would you? Give it a go and schedule your Christmas newsletter so you can enjoy a lie in - you’ve earned it! Stay tuned, more automations are coming soon. In the meantime, if you supported this idea on Uservoice, your vote has been released back into the wild. Be sure to jump back in and vote on something new.

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