Schedule your SMS and email messages in advance

Schedule SMS and email messages

Planning on sending out Christmas emails or SMSes? Well, now you can schedule them in advance and enjoy a sleep-in – on us.

Simply tell Rex when you want your messages to be sent and the system will take care of the rest, automatically sending your SMSes and emails at exactly the right time!

This development is yet another time-saving automation hack that also gives you even more control over the messages you send from Rex, helping you to be more consistent in your communications, provide better customer service and increase your open rates to boot.

Putting scheduled send to use

Schedule inspection reminders for tenants

When you arrange an open home or private inspection, take an extra moment to schedule a courtesy reminder SMS to the tenants for 24 hours prior.

Increase open rates by scheduling bulk merge messages for peak times

The chance of your emails being read goes up at certain points of the day - generally, at rush hour and lunchtime, when people are checking their phones. Schedule your messages in advance so they’re at the top of your audience’s inbox at the same time they’re checking their emails. It’s a great way to make sure bulk merge messages - about a price reduction, for example - actually get opened.

Remind all parties about settlement

As soon as settlement is booked in, schedule an SMS or email to be sent out a couple of days beforehand letting all parties know what to expect.

Here’s how it works...

The next time you go to send an email or SMS (or a bulk merge) through Rex, you’ll notice a new split button next to Send. Click it and you’ll be able to select Scheduled Send from the dropdown.

From here, you can choose from a series of preset time options, or you can choose to Manually schedule date and time.

One you’ve scheduled a message, it will appear in the sidebar of the related record.

For those already using Rex to schedule newsletters in advance, the functionality will feel familiar.

Bonus functionality

The new scheduled send functionality comes with two extra bonuses:

  1. new Messages lists that show all sent and failed messages
  2. new privileges to control who can see previously sent communications

See all your messages in one spot

Navigate to the Other Lists Menu and you’ll now be able to see a list of:

  • currently scheduled messages
  • all sent messages
  • any messages that failed to send

This gives you better oversight over all your outgoing communications and greatly reduces the risk of an important message not being sent due to an email typo, for example.

New privileges

We've created new privileges to allow users to read and/or update records based on permissions and ownership. You have fine-grained control over who cam see mail merge events in streams, as well as scheduled, sent and failed send lists.

We’ve designed functionality to minimise those little niggly communication tasks that distract you from what you’re doing. Head over to our Rexperts group and share your best ideas for putting this feature to use!

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