Unleash ​Efficiency: Sync Seamlessly with Xero

Streamline your financial operations with our enhanced Xero integration. Say goodbye to manual data entry and errors. Integrate your financial workflows effortlessly within Rex CRM, optimising productivity and accuracy in managing your finances. Our seamless sync empowers you to:

  • Two-Way Sync: Ensure real-time accuracy between Rex CRM and Xero.
  • Automated Invoicing: Raise invoices directly from Rex CRM and sync instantly with Xero, streamlining your billing process.
  • Payment Sync: Effortlessly track payments in Xero and sync back to Rex CRM for accurate record-keeping.
  • Bills Management: Easily raise bills from within Rex CRM and sync to Xero for streamlined financial tracking.
  • Referral Invoices: Create and send referral bills seamlessly, directly from Rex CRM to Xero.

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Unleash ​Efficiency: Sync Seamlessly with Xero

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