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Allow me to set the scene: you’re cruising through your Monday morning with Rex. Everything’s ticking along, as per usual, when suddenly you have a ‘eureka’ moment. The light bulb above your head glows white-hot before exploding. You leap from your desk - hands held high to the heavens. You’ve just had a fantastic idea for a new feature. An idea so great that if Rex were to implement it into the system you could save hours of daylight. You could fit in that gym session you’ve been trying to find the time for, then go home and spend the rest of the evening with a bottle of wine, safe in the knowledge that all your tasks for the week were completed circa lunchtime. You could hit the ‘snooze’ button well into Friday afternoon if you wanted.Alas, as good as your idea may be, you can’t just quit your job, learn to code and build it into Rex yourself. That would be madness. But - luckily for the both of us – we can do the coding for you. Thanks to user voice, your brilliant ideas need not be squandered.

Suggest a feature

We have ideas all the time, and we build them if they’re feasible. But we’re not the sole providers of creative juice here at Rex. Our users bring just as much to the table as we do – often much better ideas. Ideas shaped by experience.While we’ve built the system, we’re not the ones using it every day. That’s why we have ‘User voice’.If you’re not already aware – when using Rex, within the help centre there’s a ‘Suggest a feature’ button. Clicking this takes you to the Rex ‘user voice’ page where you can post your ideas for us, and your fellow Rexperts to see. Having users as partners means that Rex isn’t just us banging our heads together trying to figure out what to build next. It pushes Rex much further than that. We become a hive mind spanning entire countries on both sides of the Tasman Sea.When adding a suggestion, try and add as much detail as you can. This helps us and other users get a rock-solid idea of exactly what it is you want, and stops too many duplicate suggestions from popping up in the forum.

Vote for your favourites

Now, while all ideas are equally valuable, we simply don’t have the time to build every single one. Code takes time, so in order to get the best possible product out in the shortest amount of time, we put the power to decide what we should focus on upon you – our users – through a simple voting system.Every good democratic society needs a few rules to keep things in order, so we have a few voting laws to keep things running smoothly:

  • You have ten votes to use. You can distribute these however you like, with a maximum of three on any one item. If you change your mind, you can remove a vote and put it elsewhere.
  • You can add up to ten new ideas as each new idea that you add will cost you one of your votes. If you have more than ten, you’ll need to decide which ten are your favourite. We recommend only posting your absolute favourites, so you can save some votes to use on other users suggestions.
  • If you have voted on an item that is then implemented, you’ll get those votes back to use again.

(On a side note, when you are adding your suggestion please make sure it hasn’t already been suggested. Matching ideas only mean any votes will be split up across duplicate suggestions, and it will take longer to gain our attention.)

Does user voice work?

As a matter of fact – it works extremely well. And it only gets better as more users start chipping in.Email engagements, the Email Dropbox, and the email Bcc and Cc functionality are just three examples of features we’ve incorporated into the system suggested and voted for by our users. The next one could be yours.Even if you haven’t got anything to suggest, we’d love to see all our users log on to vote every now and again. The more you vote, the better the system works. Your two cents is worth a lot to us. We appreciate the feedback from our clients immensely. Everyone who contributes to user voice – whether that be via a suggestion a vote - leaves their mark on the product. So please, help us out with the development of Rex. Next time you have a ‘eureka’ moment, let us know.

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