Feature release: your most popular feature suggestion and data export made easy

Data export made easy

Last month we quietly made some pretty big changes to Rex’s financials, export functions and email. This is another one of those occasions where we’ve gone and added too many new features to address in the one blog post. The second instalment of features can be found here. There are quite a few improvements, so without further ado, lets pull back the curtain on the (slightly) new Rex.Improved EmailWe loved your user voice suggestion to add a carbon copy (CC) to the individual email merges. As a matter of fact, it’s the most popular suggestion we've ever had. Rex Email now comes with CC and BCC functionality. Now you can add multiple recipients if you want to send out copies of an individual email to one or more people you want to be in the know. You could copy solicitors on correspondence with sellers, or agents on contract follow-ups to buyers. You can do the same thing with blind carbon copies to protect people’s email address or so that others don't see who also got your message. Lets say I had to email both George Clooney and Jay Z with the same message.

To access the CC/BCC, simply click the appropriate text links in the upper right corner of the individual merge dialog, and you’re away. Exports added for Properties & Listings, and Improvements for Data Export. You’re now able to export data for properties and listings. You can export this data in the exact same manner as you would previously export contacts. You can export all data in a given model, or filter it down to whatever category you need - including ownership information and pretty much every available attribute we have.

Select what you want and hit ‘export’. A downloadable spreadsheet of your data is now yours for all your needs outside of Rex.Perhaps you want to pop them into a third party system? Perhaps you want to analyse them yourself with a printer and a highlighter? We’re old school friendly.And as if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve even improved our contact exporter, which now has the ability to export custom fields. 

Other Improvements 

As per usual, we’ve done a little bit of housekeeping:

  • Group Contract Status by agents:Contract Status reports now include contract agent and the ability to group by contract agent.
  • New listing Key Registry Report:Added new Listing & Uploads > Listing Key Registry report, as per request.
  • Maps in Brochures:The brochure Editor now allows adding a map showing the location of the listing.

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