What's the onboard process like with Rex CRM?

Here is your 'at a glance' overview of the onboarding journey for Rex CRM.

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Tags allow you to segment your CRM database into more targeted groups, for personalised communication to Real Estate prospects.
Maximize your real estate geo prospecting efforts with Rex CRM. Bulk import properties, access live data, and create CMAs seamlessly. Integrations with Core Logic RP Data and APM PriceFinder put control and efficiency at your fingertips. Experience precision and customisation tailored to your needs.
Rex CRM is behind some of the most successful large agencies in Australia.
Rex CRM is behind some of the most successful large agencies in Australia.
Larger agencies in Australia are choosing Rex CRM to address their distinct needs, scale relationships, and outperform competitors. With the ability to streamline large agency processes, integrate custom tech stacks through an open API, provide live dashboards for real-time insights, and allow deep customisation for tailored solutions, Rex CRM becomes a strategic tool to build success.
Streamlined Data Management for Real Estate Professionals

Step 1: Welcome

Your journey to success with Rex CRM begins here. Your personal onboard manager will reach out within 2 business days to be your point of contact.

Step 2: Admin

You will receive your own personalised onboard checklist, this will guide you through the set-up process. Keep an eye out for the forms we'll send you via email.

Step 3: Data submission

All data needs to be submitted to your onboard manager one week prior to your onboard. Then, we'll begin the process of checking or quoting your data spreadsheets

Step 4: Training

Once you receive your logins you'll be set to begin our training program, Rex Training! This platform will help you familiarise yourself with the product, with the added bonus of free weekly webinars each Tuesday.

Step 5: Go live

Your onboard manage will be there to assist through out the go live process. We want to ensure that you are beginning with Rex CRM is as smooth as possible.

Step 6: Ongoing support

Once you're set-up, you'll have access to ongoing assistance from our capable support team. The team are here to help you with any issues or questions you may come across.

More than 2,500 agencies trust Rex for their daily operations
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