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Our latest AI-powered features—Smart Ad Text, Smart Filters, and Smart SMS & Email—are designed to reduce the admin burden of routine tasks. Here's a closer look at how these tools are built and the data that fuels their capabilities.

Smart Ad Text: Tailored Advertising at Your Fingertips

Creating compelling ad text can be very time consuming. With our Smart Ad Text feature, we streamline this process by leveraging the detailed information you’ve already entered into your listings. Rex AI extracts crucial details such as location specifics, key amenities, property features, historical data, and price points. This data is then transformed into customised, engaging ad text that resonates with potential buyers. Use it as a starting point or to enrich your content further. To discover the full range of fields we incorporate, simply click "learn more" after generating some ad text. 

Smart Filters: Precision Searching with a Custom AI Model

Finding the perfect match for your buyer is now simpler than ever. Rex’s Smart Filters, powered by a customised AI model from OpenAI, are designed to handle searches based on most CRM fields, offering powerful and flexible search capabilities. Configuring traditional filters can be time-consuming and requires extensive knowledge, but our Smart Filters eliminate that need, significantly reducing the training agents require to get the most out of the system.

Additionally, we are continually enhancing the search functionality based on the queries users are submitting, ensuring that our system evolves to meet your needs even better. This means you can always rely on up-to-date, highly relevant search results to find exactly what you need, quickly and efficiently.

Smart SMS & Email: Crafting the Perfect Message

Communication is key in real estate, and Rex’s Smart SMS & Email feature leverages OpenAI’s latest model to help you craft the perfect message every time. Whether you’re reaching out to potential buyers, following up with leads, or keeping in touch with clients, Rex AI ensures your messages are professional, personalised, and persuasive. By understanding the context and nuances of your interactions, Rex AI not only enhances the effectiveness of your communication but increases your efficiency tenfold.

The Power of OpenAI

Both our Smart Ad Text and Smart SMS & Email are built using OpenAI's large language model. This model is the height of AI technology, offering thorough language understanding and generation capabilities.

For more insights into how we're integrating AI into our platform, check out our articles on How to Succeed with Rex AI and Embracing AI for Real Estate Professional Development.

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