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Smart Ad Content Generation

Marketing ready ad content in a single click

Generate relevant and tailored marketing content based on property features. Rex AI understands the specifics of each property, generating accurate and appealing descriptions that capture essential details and selling points without the manual effort.

This optional add-on is available for
Available for
Sales & Rentals CRM
 Starter plans and above.
 Professional and Enterprise plans
 Enterprise plans
It requires an additional initial setup fee and an ongoing monthly fee.
It requires an additional initial setup fee.
It requires an additional ongoing monthly fee.

Save hours on repetitive listing ad content

Smart Ad Content Generation dramatically reduces the time required to craft detailed, relevant and engaging property descriptions, facilitating quicker listing processes.

For Admins

For Agents


Generate ads in seconds

Quality data driven listing copy

Smart Ad Content Generation utilises key data from across your property listing record to generate ad content. Data used includes items like the address, features, listing type, price, views, size and specific property attributes to name a few.

For Admins

For Agents

For Principals

Use key data from listings to generate ad content
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