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Smart Natural Language Filters

Actionable data at your fingertips

Input questions and commands in everyday language to quickly access data. There’s no need to learn complex query syntax or understand the underlying data structure of Rex, just type what you want and let Rex AI do the work.

This optional add-on is available for
Available for
Sales & Rentals CRM
 Starter plans and above.
 Professional and Enterprise plans
 Enterprise plans
It requires an additional initial setup fee and an ongoing monthly fee.
It requires an additional initial setup fee.
It requires an additional ongoing monthly fee.

Pull a contact list from simple text

Using plain language you can pull contact lists. For example show me all the buyers looking 2 bedrooms under $800k, or contacts looking to rent in my area.

For Buyers

For Sellers

For Agents

Create a list of contacts with simple text

Collect data for market analysis reports

Performing a market analysis to generate a property market report as part of an appraisal for clients that includes comparable property prices, market trends, and suggested listing prices.

For Buyers



Create a list of properties with Rex AI

Keep your AI filter

Made that super custom filter through the new Smart Natural Language Filter feature and want to come back to it later or share it out? No problem simply save the filter and it will behave just like a normal filtered list.




Simply save your AI filtered list to come back to it later
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