Build a better customer story

More data. More visibility. Create more opportunities with tools designed to stay in touch throughout their property journey. With the Rex product suite, you can unlock the answers in your database helping you build better lifelong relationships and build a clearer customer story so that you can be in their next chapter.

Tired of missing opportunities? Keep track of your customer’s life journey with Rex CRM.

Building customer relationships

Meet the Millers – the typical starter family... do you remember when they bought? How they are settling in? That they have just had a child or other major life event... if not you’re missing lucrative potential buyers, sellers, investors and renters.

Meet the Millers

Stay top of mind

Being there, at the right time is key to success. Our platform provides all the necessary tools for you to complete the picture of your customers. And the great part is we have a series of customer service tips to make sure you stay top of mind and ready when they are.

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Win clients for life

Today's buyer is tomorrow's seller, that’s why it’s important to build relationships that last a lifetime. Delight buyers with real-time updates from Rex CRM’s matching features. Automatically send SMS and email listing updates to the right buyers at the right time with properties that match their requirements. Automated follow-up reminders help agents stay in touch at critical points in the homeowner journey ensuring your agency is top of mind when vendors are ready to sell.

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Feel like you’re always playing catch-up?

Keeping on top of your tasks can be a little stressful. Our product suite makes doing the day's tasks simple. From streamlined workflows with set and forget ‘Tracks’, to automation like sending templated bulk letter merges in a couple of clicks. As a bonus, you can take your CRM out of the office with our mobile app so you can take back control over your day and perform like a pro.

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Rex features that keep you in the conversation

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Keep your pipeline full in good times and bad with smart software solutions.
Keep your pipeline full in good times and bad with smart software solutions.
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