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Integrated History

A perfect memory of all your client interactions.

Rex Software helps your real estate agency build an interconnected web of relationships with buyers and sellers.

This optional add-on is available for
Available for
 Starter plans and above.
 Professional and Enterprise plans
 Enterprise plans
It requires an additional initial setup fee and an ongoing monthly fee.
It requires an additional initial setup fee.
It requires an additional ongoing monthly fee.

Properties and people are two basic building blocks of real estate business. Our CRM brings them together in with unparalleled simplicity that allows quick data entry and an immediate ability to access details for related properties from inside a contact record.

Related properties aren’t just those that a person currently owns or occupies. Rex also shows historic information (past ownership, landlord status, tenant status etc.), giving you a single-point of reference for the entire history of your relationship with a contact.

When you interact with a contact, it’s likely you’ll need to record that same interaction with a property. The ability to create contact to property relationships means you can interact with related properties from the contact screen by adding notes and recording mail merge sends right from the contact record (and vice versa). That means simpler data entry and a seamless historical record across all your property and contact data in Rex.




When potential buyers attend open homes or do individual property inspections, it’s important to follow up. Rex records every OFI attendance and listing inspection against both the listing and the contact(s) who attend.

The inspection/feedback tab provides you with an at-a-glance view of listings a contact might be interested in as well as a quick way to follow up contacts that might have previously shown interest in a particular property.




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