We’re all one Rex.

One Rex

In this article we introduce the final stage of our rebrand to the Rex family of products: Rex Sales and Rentals CRM (Rex Sales and Lettings CRM in the UK), Rex Websites and Rex Reach and our latest product to be released in the new year – Rex Property Management. Our products have and are becoming more seamlessly integrated and our whole-of-office platform delivers even more potential to list, sell, rent and manage more properties than ever before.

Earlier this year we introduced the new look lineup in the Rex product family. And now as we work our way through this journey we’re finding new and exciting ways in which the products work together, enhancing the user benefits of a much broader agency ecosystem.

This is an exciting time for our customers and our staff. Bringing our products together under one brand shows the world our commitment, and future dedication, to everyone in the property industry.

The last steps of a long journey

Its no secret we’ve been planning these changes for a while. When we first launched the new Rex brand, it was a turning point for us here at Rex HQ. We started to really focus on the problems we are solving for our customers – for you the agents, the property professional, principals, business owners and property managers.

Throughout our journey from then to now, we looked inward, evaluated, refocused and refined our processes and made significant operational changes to better enable growth opportunities for our customers’ businesses.

Earlier this year we completed a project that allowed us as an organisation to rethink our vision that talked in the language of the people who matter most to us – you, our agency customers. It led to the discovery of our mission statement:

Together (in partnership with agents) we help people find, change and make a home.
Our mission

As we have mentioned before this mission puts the property industry front and centre in everything we do, it's also a mission based on the knowledge that all great things are simple (Winston Churchill).

So let’s get back to making things simple – making your suite of technology solutions that drive agency efficiency and growth simple to buy, simple to use, and simple to integrate. Let’s make the products integrate both with each other and with your favourite proptech tools.

This realisation led to a brand simplification process which saw us make changes to the Siteloft, Spoke and CRM branding as well as introduce a closer relationship to Rex, our master brand.

Our products

We made these changes to bring all our products - Siteloft, Rex CRM and Spoke under one family and create a clearer connection between them all.

Our next step is to simplify this in the products names so we’ve adopted a new simpler, descriptive naming convention for our products to further strengthen the Rex product family.

As a result, we are now making our final transformations:

Rex Websites

Siteloft isn’t just being renamed to Rex Websites, its a brand new product rebuilt from the ground up providing you with websites made to convert prospects.

Rex Reach

Spoke is being renamed to Rex Reach, akin to what it really does - reaching prospects and amplifying your brand through social media and the web.

Rex Sales and Rentals CRM (Lettings in the UK)

CRM is being renamed to Rex Sales and Rentals CRM (or Sales and Lettings CRM in the UK), as it provides all the necessary customer relationship management tools for both Sales and Rentals (Lettings).

Rex Property Management

As our PM product comes to market Alfie is being renamed to Rex Property Management, to reinforce that at its core is to manage all of your properties on your rent roll.

With this, the products logos will inherit from the Rex master brand which you’ll gradually see being rolled out across web assets, collateral, social media and the platform itself.

But don’t worry – the products will still continue to do everything you need them to do in the short term and we’ll definitely be celebrating with you the launch of new features and integrations.

Powerful alone, better together.

Better together
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

— Edward Everett Halen

Our products are carefully considered at each stage of the property journey and the coming together of our products under one roof (pardon the pun) is the first step towards a more integrated and powerful future.

As always you can use any of our products individually and integrate them into your current tech stack but where they truly excel is when they are combined and used together. They amplify you to better achieve your business goals, wether that's to manage your business more effectively or grow your business.

If you’d like to no more about our connected ecosystem of products and services talk to one of our friendly sales team, or if you’re a customer and would like more information please contact your account manager or reach out to customer care.

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