Meet the new Rex brand

Same great product, refreshing new look

The day has finally arrived. Today, we’re unveiling a new logo and visual identity for Rex as we start the process of rolling out a refreshed Rex brand into the world. Now you're here, why not check out the rest of our new website!

It’s been a huge effort from the whole Rex team and right now we are really excited. We loved the simplicity of our old approach, and know many of you have felt the same. But it’s time to evolve and we want to share our journey with you, so you can understand both where we have come from and where we are going – and what that means for you, our client base.

‍Brand refresh. Simple words for a complex process. Especially when it’s a brand that touches your lives hundreds of times every day. Many of you have probably seen our logo at the top of your screens thousands of times - so many times that it probably feels like a comfortable relation that lives overseas. You may not see them face to face much, but you see their photos and life updates. You know how they make you feel, but you may not be able to exactly explain who they are and what makes them tick.

So why the change?

Having lived through the past few months of bushfires, the COVID-19 pandemic and now the growing global shift to demand equal treatment of all humans, we did consider holding off. However, there is also a growing sense of optimism in the world, as we can see that change is something to be embraced.

June is also an important month for us because it marks our 10th birthday. One whole decade of Rex; we’ve turned double digits. In that time, we’ve evolved and matured and carved out our place in the property industry. We’ve developed strong beliefs and direction. Now it’s time for our visual identity to catch up.

10 years doing it your way

We knew the current brand identity wasn’t doing the job you want it to do. We also knew that a simpler, more distinctive evolution of that identity could do the job better. But the reason for this change is deeper than that. The simple answer is the Rex brand needed to change because we’ve changed. The demands of the industry have changed. The ways your customers want to be communicated with have changed. And our Rex brand no longer reflected what was important – to us and to our customers.

Having spent the last couple of years travelling the globe and experiencing how the property sales market is transforming, how technology is evolving and how consumers are buying and selling their homes and investments, we developed a very clear view of the future of this industry. A view that has helped us to articulate three fundamental beliefs:

  1. Whether you are buying or selling, your home is a deeply personal place and your journey from home to home will come with its own unique challenges, motivations, frustrations and emotions.
  2. Technology needs to enable authentic conversations – not replace them. Its purpose is to simplify the property sales process, making it easier for everyone to understand and navigate.
  3. Agents, admins, principals – whatever role you play in this process, you are the guide, the connector between buyers and sellers. You are the glue that helps everyone get the very best outcome, every time.

So, armed with these beliefs we saw the opportunity to reinvent the Rex brand. To give Rex the humanity and personality that reflects its part in each transaction, and to be the constant shining light to the industry to say: people and relationships are the keys to success.

Strong human connection in the property space

We are excited to share the new Rex brand story with you today. As our story comes to life, you will see the product evolve with new and exciting functionality to:

  • Amplify your own unique brand voice
  • Give you even more control over your process
  • Support you to deliver the highest standards of service
  • And, most importantly, help you to keep your promises

Delivering smiles all around

The first and most noticeable change for both our customers and the wider real estate market will, of course, be the new Rex logo. This design is centred on our goal to make a product that delivers smiles to everyone that it touches. From the hard-working admin who spends their days behind a screen trying to wrangle cats, and busy agents looking to deliver great customer experiences in a highly competitive market place, to business owners looking for comfort that their agency is running smoothly and efficiently and their team is happy and productive.

We call this the Happy Place: a smile nestled under a roof, contained within an organic ‘blobel’ (our fancy name for a blob with movement) that reflects the constantly changing market. Sure, that sounds like it’s come straight from our creative masterminds – and it has. But when our team started working with it, it made you, our customers, seem more real, more human, making us more human in return.

Colour palette
Mobile screens
Brochure covers
Rex Website

You’ll also notice we’ve got a whole new palette of warm and engaging colours, and a feeling of movement. Over the next few months, when restrictions ease and we start to come and visit agencies again, you will become our heroes – the people we celebrate out front, and that we support behind screens.

Rex will become a celebration of your success – the small wins and the big ones. It will grow and innovate to meet the constantly changing way real estate is bought and sold. And it will continue to deliver Australian-based onboarding, front-line support, training and customer success programs.

So stay tuned – there is an exciting roadmap ahead... Check out our social pages, and come join our Rexperts group if you haven’t already.

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