Vendor Confirmations are now automated

Automated vendor confirmations

We’re excited to launch one of the most hotly anticipated Calendar features: confirmation messages for vendors.

If you’ve already been using our pre-existing guest confirmations functionality, you’ll feel right at home with this feature.  When booking in an event - like a viewing/private inspection - you can now send an email or SMS to the vendor confirming the details in a single click.

The benefits of this functionality are huge:

  • It’s a big time saver. For a typical agency, not having to manually send out vendor confirmations can save at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Help reduce vendor no shows: especially for unaccompanied viewings in the UK, you want to do everything in your power to ensure the vendors will remember the appointment time!
  • Improve consistency of customer service: by having the confirmation messages be an automated process, you’re reducing the likelihood that these messages will simply get forgotten/neglected by your team.

As part of this feature, we’re also introducing the ability to differentiate between appointments that are unconfirmed versus confirmed. There’s two new checkboxes available on the event dialog: “guests confirmed” and “listing owner confirmed”. This lets you mark off when you’ve been able to check with the guests and vendor that an event time suits.

You’ll only get prompted to send confirmation messages once an event has both guests as well as listing owners confirmed.

Edit Appointment

Edit Appointment

Confirm your guests

Confirm your guests

Send a confirmation message

Send a confirmation message

Unconfirmed events also show up differently in the calendar, letting you quickly see at a glance which appointments are locked in versus which ones are only pencilled in.

Just like guest confirmations, you are able to set up a different template to use for these vendor confirmation messages at the appointment type level.

This feature release is available in all regions and available to all tiers.

This small feature goes a long way to helping you provide a better vendor experience.

Rex users can find more information on our support page, click here to read more.

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