Sell the new listing campaigns to vendors

Here are 3 simple steps to sell the new campaign types to vendors

1. Communicate key benefits to the vendor

Understand key benefits to vendor

  1. Reach people where they are - The average person spends 47 hours online each week, Spoke reaches 90% of those people, compared that to listing portals 23%.
  2. Target the right buyers - Hyper targeted - Spoke uses a computed calculation (algorithm) to reach buyers most likely to be interested in your property.
  3. Maximise the marketing spend - Spend less per lead. Advertise on channels that work by maximising the results of your marketing spend.

2. Set correct campaign budgets

Maximise Exposure campaign – Focus on getting as many eyes on your property as possible:

Maximise Leads campaign – Focus on getting enquiries:

Maximise Leads & Exposure campaign - Focus on getting enquiries and to drive interest:

3. Share sales collateral with vendors

Vendor collateral available for download

To help you past your interaction with the vendor, we have also updated sales collateral you can share with the vendors.

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