Scale your budget with custom campaign packages

Custom campaign packages

You asked, we delivered!

With custom budgets, you’ve now got significantly more control over your Spoke campaigns. This follows frequent feedback on the need for both smaller and bigger ad budgets to accomodate:

  • Listings with low or no VPA
  • Premium property listings and project developments
  • Agent / agency brand awareness campaign budgets outside Spoke’s default options

Rather than simply adding a few more fixed price points, we’ve given you the ability to scale your budget (literally) from $50 — $10,000. This means you can now run a $50 campaign for as short as 3 days, or a $10,000 campaign for up to 45 days. The world’s your oyster.

Why $50? Well, any lower and your campaign is unlikely to generate meaningful results. Also, the $50 minimum is per ad network— meaning it costs $100 to run ads on both the Google Display and the Facebook + Instagram network.

You can disable one or the other back in the audience settings, like so:

Edit audience

What’s more, you can now also:

  • Customise how much of the budget is allocated to the Facebook and Google ad networks
  • Customise how long the campaign runs for
  • Save the above settings for future campaigns

Each ad network also has a minimum daily budget of $7.50. This ensures Facebook and Google don’t have any issues delivering / optimising your ads and competing in ad auctions. Depending on the budget and duration you choose, a warning might be triggered advising that your daily spend is too low.

Create custom package

To resolve this, just increase the budget or decrease the campaign duration.

And that’s it!

Stay tuned for more exciting feature releases that are very close to release.

If you have any feedback for us on this feature (or anything for that matter), please let us know at

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