Product Update: New landing page designs to help capture more leads for your listings

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In case you missed it, we released the first Spoke landing page earlier this year. It’s designed and optimised to help you capture more leads and provides incredibly rich reporting for your vendors.

The results so far have been outstanding. Using a Spoke landing page, many agents have generated multiple buyer enquiries and some have even sold properties with just $150 of VPA! (It’s pretty difficult to say no to an Express Campaign with results like that…)

To build on this, we’ve just released two shiny new landing pages in Spoke for your listing campaigns! We’re excited to tell you all about them.

Purpose built for leads

Like our first landing page, these are designed and optimised for leads and come with detailed reporting on all landing page conversion and engagement events to share with your vendors. The difference is that each landing page has been created with a particular goal.

With the addition of these new landing pages, you can now choose between three different landing page objectives depending on the listing, current market conditions and your capacity to follow up:

  1. Get maximum leads
  2. Get qualified leads
  3. Get more phone calls

Coming soon: Get more open home attendees

Let’s quickly run through each landing page objective in more detail.

Get maximum leads

  • Description: To maximise the number of leads, this landing page only displays four listing images and allows prospects to download the full photo gallery by providing their email address.
  • When to use: When you are struggling to get any leads (you can change landing pages during a campaign). When you expect it will be hard to get any leads because of the market / property specific factors, etc. When you are happy to get more leads, even if they are not highly qualified.
  • What will you get: The email addresses of people who want to see all the property photos, who you can follow up via email.
Preview landing page

Get qualified leads

  • Description: To get qualified leads, all property images and information are displayed. This encourages people who are seriously interested in your property to complete the enquiry form.
  • When to use: When you expect a lot of interest in the property and want to get details of people who are serious buyers. Also, when you don’t have time to follow up less qualified leads.
  • What will you get: The name, phone number and email address of people who want to get more details about the property. You can follow them up via call, SMS or email.
Get qualified leads
View details

Get more phone calls

  • Description: To get more calls, the landing page will emphasise your phone number as the main action to take.
  • When to use: When you and your clients prefer direct contact via phone rather than emails.
  • What will you get: Direct phone calls from potential buyers.
Get phone calls
Contact details

Get more open home attendees

  • Description: To get more interest in your open home, the landing page will emphasise the next open home time. Prospective buyers can then register to attend by providing their email address.
  • When to use: When you want to maximise open home attendance and have potential buyers come along before they even contact you. This is also useful for when you want to personally meet more potential buyers and gauge interest face to face.
  • What will you get: Email addresses of people who have registered to attend the open home, who you can follow up via email.

Finally, we’ve also given you the ability to save one of these landing pages as the default for all your future listing campaigns. Just navigate to Landing pages from Spoke’s dropdown menu, where you can update your default landing page.

Edit settings for landing pahes

We’ve created these additional landing pages to complement the way you like to work and give you even more control over the campaign process.

The next time you launch a Spoke campaign, try one of the new landing pages and let us know what you think! You can email us your feedback at

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