Product Release Wrap-up: February 2024

Introducing the Appraisals Pipeline

Rex Sales & Rentals CRM is thrilled to unveil the Appraisals Pipeline, a game-changer in managing the journey from appraisal to listing. Forecast at every stage of your pipeline, and tailor your business process with a visually intuitive Trello-style board. Start optimising your pipeline to win more listings with the following features:

  • Segment Your Pipeline: View your pipeline by expected close date or stage for better planning and forecasting.
  • Focused Prioritisation: Zero in on listings you're poised to win, making every interaction count.
  • Track Commission Forecasts: View estimated commissions by stage and expected closing date for improved financial planning.
  • Engagement and Efficiency: Smoothly engage with vendors and streamline workflows for a seamless path from appraisal to sale.

Enhanced Reminders

Acknowledging the challenges in task management and sharing within teams, this update significantly improves visibility, shareability, and flexibility. Our enhanced Reminders release directly addresses the issues of missed tasks and facilitates the integration of internal processes directly into Rex CRM. Get ready to enhance productivity, collaboration, compliance and oversight with features like:

  • Assign to Individuals or Groups: Reminders can now be assigned to both individual Users and User groups, simplifying task management across teams.
  • Floating Tasks: We've eliminated the constraint of fixed due dates, introducing tasks that remain active until completed, offering greater flexibility in how tasks are managed.
  • Reorder Track Reminders: Adapt your agency's workflow in real-time by reordering track reminders to prioritise tasks as needed.
  • Approval-Based Workflow: A significant addition is the Internal Approval Reminders, a feature that pauses the progression of subsequent reminders until the necessary approval is received, ensuring strict compliance and oversight.

Rex Mobile Updates

At Rex, we understand the importance of keeping on-the-go agents productive. That's why we've made sure our mobile app keeps pace with your needs. Alongside a series of minor updates aimed at refining your in-app experience, significant enhancements have been rolled out to Rex Mobile, including:

  • Appraisals Update: We've introduced new fields for commission details, pipeline stages, expected close dates, and support for various appraisal types. Additionally, we've enhanced the visibility of both sales and rental appraisals, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Enhanced Campaign Management in Rex Mobile UK: Users now have the capability to directly add and view properties within campaigns from the mobile app. This improvement not only elevates the user experience but also simplifies coordination efforts and maintains uniformity between the mobile and desktop versions of Rex CRM.

What's Next: Xero Invoice Sync

Coming March 2024! Get ready for the Xero Invoice Sync feature, set to transform how agencies manage finances. This integration will allow for a seamless sync of invoices and payments between Rex CRM and Xero, simplifying financial oversight across multiple transactions and offices. A big leap towards operational efficiency, all thanks to our incredible CRM team.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates designed to streamline your operations and elevate your business success.

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