Major Feature Release: Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) Landing Pages help you capture more leads

Capture more leads

Link clicks and impressions are important indicators of a campaign’s success… but what you really want to know are how many phone enquiries and open home attendances are generated by your Spoke campaigns.

We get it. With that information, you can give your vendors far more thorough updates about their campaign — and assure them that they’ve spent their VPA in the best way possible.

Well, we’ve made it so every one of your new listing campaigns gets its very own landing page. For free.

Designed to generate leads

The whole purpose of a landing page is to get the person who clicked on the ad to submit an enquiry, then and there. So, we’ve designed Spoke Landing Pages with that goal mind — and they’re working!

Spoke Landing Pages have been live for just over a week, and they’ve already generated leads for multiple campaigns. There’s a few reasons why they work so well…

They’re focussed

Your listing is the centre of attention. There are no other distractions. No images of the Happy Socks abandoned at checkout, and definitely no ads for other properties — just a photo reel of your listing, the address, main details (bedrooms, bathrooms) and the request form.

Focused landing pages

They’re to the point

Notice that we’ve only asked for a first and last name, mobile number and email? That’s to remove as many hurdles as possible, and encourage people to actually fill out the form.

Humans are inherently lazy. The less questions, the more likely potential buyers are to fill in the form and hand over their details.

They’re speedy

We’ve built the Spoke Landing Pages using AMP technology. That means they load almost instantly. Blink, and your listing is there.

That’s important because if a webpage doesn’t load within 3 seconds, more than half of your leads will leave.

They’re mobile first

Over 80% of Spoke campaign traffic comes from mobile. So, we’ve made sure your listings look just as good on a mobile phone or tablet as they do on desktop.

Here’s how it works

Next time you create a Listing Campaign, you’ll notice a new third step: Preview your campaign landing page.

Preview before publish

From here, you can toggle the right-hand side button to see how the desktop version compares to mobile.

This is also where you can override Spoke’s default settings, and keep directing enquiries to your website. For obvious reasons, we don’t recommend this — but it’s up to you.

Click Edit landing page to:

  • write your own lead capture form headline and sub-headline; and
  • add a listing agent.
Edt pages

Your landing page will automatically display using your brand colour and a background colour.

These colours are set when you create your Spoke account. However, you can change the colours at any time on the Office Profile page.

Already got a live listing campaign?

You can easily create a Spoke Landing Page for any of your live listing campaigns. Go to edit campaign, click the landing page tab and switch to Spoke Landing Page.

We’re keen to hear what you (and your vendors) think of this new feature! Fill out our short survey and let us know.

Ready to get started? Make sure you read our blog post about reporting on landing page engagement, so you can share the results with your vendors!

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