Launch of sales trust accounting

Rex is pleased to announce the launch of sales trust accounting for users of the Rex Software CRM from April 2013.

Sales Trust Accounting Done Right

The Rex Sales Trust suite has been a project 6 months in the making - months of planning has allowed us to deliver a comprehensive set of trust tools which includes support for a full suite of trust functionality, a variety of reports and most importantly fine grained security. The new functionality is as feature-rich and user friendly as the CRM our clients are used to. Some implementations of trust accounting we've seen in other applications often confuse what should be a simple process. We've gone to great lengths to emphasise the same usability principles in our trust accounting implementation as we do throughout our application Sales Trust functionality in Rex includes management of multiple trust accounts, banking, receipting, tracking deposits and payments, custom invoicing and general transactional trust accounting.

Reconciliation Pathways

Rex has two reconciliation pathways to simplify trust accounting administration:

  • Quick Reconciliation: a quick simple path that takes minutes for lower volume offices, or
  • Detailed Reconciliation: a more traditional approach for larger offices with more volume

Both approaches and the functionality as a whole are compliant with Australian state trust accounting regulations (including support for IBD accounts in WA). We’ve designed a simple and streamlined transfer process to ease the pathway to transfer to Rex sales trust from your existing provider. Contact us if you’d like to find out more about Sales Trust, pricing for the Sales Trust module or to activate the functionality on your account.

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