iPad functionality update for real estate agents on the go

Technology is constantly evolving. And with this evolution we have seen industries moved to embrace new gadgets in their day to day operations. Today we are proud to announce major improvements to iPad functionality for Rex. This is another highly requested feature and we know a lot of Rex users will be delighted with this update.We know that agents need to be mobile in order to be at their best and a real estate platform that keeps up with you is key to that agility. Here are some of the updates that make Rex the most agile real estate system available:

  • Record lists now default to tile view on iPad (as pictured above)
  • Improved scrolling behaviour on the iPad
  • Improved touch responsiveness
  • Phone number and email address editing are now available on iPad
  • Constant visibility of buttons that were traditionally 'hover only'
  • New 'auto-complete' and 'select' box formats customised for iPad (we really like these changes)
  • Made a number of areas now scrollable. This means functions like buyer-matching can be used remotely
  • Fixes to the Main Menu
  • General style and User Experience fixes
  • Unavailable features are now hidden on the iPad interface.


We want to empower agencies to sell and list more properties and to use tablet technology to better service their vendors and buyers. From a sales perspective, Rex has moved to match the current usage of iPads by agencies. As such, we have no plans to facilitate Administration tasks on tablet devices.These are major updates to our system and we know you'll find them helpful. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via support@rexsoftware.com

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