Introducing Rex + Zapier Integration

Rex and Zapier

Let’s get Zapping with Rex Software and Zapier!

At Rex, we’re laser focused on making your processes easier, so that you can deliver a better experience to your customers.

That’s why we’re particularly excited to announce that our integration with Zapier is now live for all of our users. What it does is provide you with a direct connection between Rex and more than 3000 online apps and services that can automate a huge range of tasks inside and outside your office.

Letting computers do all the leg work takes all the humanity out of the job, right?

Not even close. Completing these tasks as efficiently as possible frees you up to have more conversations with more buyers and sellers, creating that human connection that wins listings.

What you can do with this integration is only limited by your agency process and your imagination. Simply link the services you want and off you go!

Zapier works inside Rex

This integration allows you to streamline your internal Rex processes in ways you had always dreamed of. For example you could create workflows that:

  • when a portal enquiry is received, automatically send the buyer an email confirming you got it and include the e-brochure of the listing
  • when a contract goes unconditional, automatically send a confirmation email to relevant parties
  • when a listing goes live, switch the vendor from a prospecting track to a vendor care track
  • when an open home attendee checks in, create a match profile, send an email and add them to a follow-up track

Zapier works outside Rex

As mentioned, Zapier connects to thousands of other systems. Here are just a few examples of what you could do:

  • when a Facebook Lead Ad form is completed, automatically create a new lead in Rex
  • when a contact is added to a mailing list in Rex, copy that info over to Mailchimp
  • when a listing is published on your website, automatically post to your Facebook page, and alert your team is via Slack
  • When a contract is completed, update a back-up Google Sheet
  • When a listing is published on your website, automatically send the vendor an SMS letting them know that it is live

Fun fact: In America, real estate brokers have been using Zapier to reduce lead follow-up time by 90% and cold calling by 75%. That’s huge! Imagine making those sorts of changes in your agency – the relationships you could be building with all that spare time...

What we're achieving with the Zapier integration would've taken our team dozens of hours every week. It's kept everyone focused on the work that's really dollar productive.

Henry Hodge – Principal Henry Hodge Real Estate

What is Zapier and how does it unlock hundreds of opportunities?

For those of you who haven’t heard of Zapier, it’s an automation service that connects your apps to created customised, automated workflows that save you from monotonous, repetitive tasks. It's like a magic set of dominoes – when a trigger sparks, it sets off a chain reaction of actions. These chain reactions are called “Zaps” and once they are turned on, they are working for you 24/7.

The best bit? There are absolutely no technical skills required!

Zapier have put together a quick getting started guide that walks you through the basics of using the Rex triggers and actions that together will deliver workflows that can run hands-free.

You’ll also find a list of all the Rex actions and triggers on our Rex + Zapier integration page.

Important things to remember

While the Rex + Zapier integration is an exciting step forward, keep in mind a few tips to maximize its usage and ensure that no opportunities get lost.


Zapier requires that the person making these Zaps between systems has the correct permissions to make it happen in both Rex and Zapier.


When you’re building your zaps, Zapier gives you the opportunity to test as you go, ensuring things are working properly.


Be familiar with the data privacy and security protocols of apps you are connecting to Zapier. You can find Zapier’s security recommendations here.


Zapier comes with a range of pricing plans.  As you become familiar with the system, you will work out which plan is suitable for you. Zapier will bill you directly and will provide account support as necessary.


Our Rex customer care team can help with any issues you have linking your Rex account into Zapier, and we have Help Centre Articles for each of the Rex to Rex zaps that are listed in Zapier.

If you need help with Zapier and other non-Rex apps you are using they have great support at

If you’d like to speak to a Zapier expert directly to help you set up your whole agency processes, you can contact the Zapier Experts who are certified consultants that can help you do more with automation.

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