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Improved Global Search

A smarter search engine allowing users to find the information they need faster and easier. This functionality has been one of our highest improvement requests, as users search so frequently. Creating a more powerful, efficient and resilient search solution.

The search bar is the primary navigation mechanism to find your contacts and listings. It’s the one component in the app that sees the most consistent usage. From quickly checking if a contact exists for a number dialling in, to quickly jumping to a listing while the vendor is on the phone, we understand how pivotal this feature is to the inner workings of your agency. Search is the launch pad for getting the information you need as a busy agent. From conception this release has many iterations based on the feedback of agencies. Enjoy a search function that's been refined through continuous feedback from high-performing agencies.

More powerful

Search over many more fields. The new search engine can now search for contacts by their address, and it will appear under their name. This addition was highly sort after and was based on user feedback. In the UK, the search engine boasts searching for listings via postcode. The new engine also includes improvements to searching by apartment/flat number.

Special search modifiers. You can search by tag or by key using the tag: or key: prefixes respectively. You can narrow down your search to only return exact results by surrounding the search term in quotation marks

Intelligent & efficient response

Intelligent ordering of results. Especially useful for closed offices, records owned by you are now pushed to the top. No more guesswork needed to find which “Jane Doe” is yours. Results are also sorted by relevance, so the closest matches will be shown towards the top.

Resilient to human error

Typo-resilience. No longer do you need to get a contact’s name perfect on the first go - the new search understands you might make the occasional typo. It knows when you type “Akex” that you really meant “Alex”.

Similar names. The new search understands alternative name spellings. It is now smart enough to know that “Stef” and “Steph” are different variations of the same name. It also understands and helps you out when you can’t remember if you created someone as “Tom” or “Thomas”.

The best part is you don’t need to do anything to access it. Keep searching as you normally do and you’ll immediately benefit from the breadth of improvements.

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