Feature release: system lists for easy data access

System lists

In a recent effort to make your data access as easy as possible as possible, we released our Go to Related functionality. This allowed you to navigate across modules and generate lists of properties, contacts or listings perfect for your purposes.We also released saved filters – not just for productivity and efficiency – but for greater insights, better reporting and higher utility. Now you can save your own advanced filters, and produce interactive reports of your own design with a single click. Allow us to pull back the curtain on the last piece of our data manipulation puzzle. Our new system lists bring everything together to deliver an incredibly powerful trifecta.

Access System Lists

This release provides list based interactions for a number of object types that weren’t previously available. These include:

  • Reminders
  • Notes
  • Listing feedback
  • Contracts
  • Invoices (included in a previous release but included here to help bring it all together)

Lists you say? - sounds boring. Except that in Rex, lists aren’t just lists. Putting an object in a list view opens the doorway to all manner of benefits, including the ability to drill down to specifics, export data and run mass actions. Combining our new system lists with saved filters and the Go to Related function sets your data free. With time and exploration, we believe you’ll find your data in Rex is to be far more dynamic and interactive. Everyone works in their own unique way, so we’ve created a system that flexibly adapts to your workflow, whether you’re a small agency, franchise or a powerful one-man-band. The bottom line? Having bulk data that can be accessed from related records and traversed in any way you please is of huge benefit to any agency for a million and one reasons. Below are a few ideas to get you thinking. (Pro tip: for all examples mentioned, save your frequently accessed lists/filters to quickly generate interactive reports whenever you need them using the saved filters functionality.)

Management reporting examples:


  • Track performance by individual agents or simply export your entire agency’s data for detailed review/analysis in external systems like Excel.
  • For a quick check over your agency’s recent progress, filter reminders based on their overdue/completed status.


  • Check recent activity for one or all of the listings in your agency for a fine-grained overview of activity in the office.
  • Track an agent’s progress by viewing their notes over the last day, week or month.

Feedback review:

  • Get a feel for what the market is doing by viewing the weekend’s feedback for all properties or a targeted cross-section.


  • View and analyse trends on sales, settlements and fallen sales.
  • Review data inside Rex or export it for reporting and analysis in external systems like Excel.

Quick access/utility examples:

Invoices and payments:

  • Filter invoices and payments based on a particular listing, contact or project.
  • Easily update invoice details or due dates in the dialog accessible from the list view.


  • Filter contracts for a particular listing or series of listings (e.g. by settlement date).
  • Save a filter for upcoming settlement conditions and/or deposits (e.g. show me contracts with settlements in the next month, or fortnight).
  • Update multiple contracts in one location (e.g. change acceptance status, vary key dates or update condition status).


  • Save a filter for feedback added over the last two days to streamline follow up after a weekend of OFIs.
  • Create a list of all hot/warm buyers from a weekend by filtering all hot feedback from the weekend and using the go to related function to navigate to the relevant contacts. From the contacts list - export a call sheet or send a quick SMS.

Detailed filtering examples:


  • This is similar to the dashboard but with infinitely more flexibility. Filter for reminders that are upcoming, overdue. Compare the volume of reminders completed in April vs. May. Compare the volume of calls completed in one period against another.


  • Use go to related from the listings screen to to get a consolidated list of all historical notes.
  • Then find a single comment across months of correspondence using note text filter in the notes list view.
  • Review and analyse your interactions with clients over a given period using date-based note filters.
  • Remember a conversation but not the person or property you were talking about? Search across all your notes based on the text inside them to find what you’re after.

These are a few examples only. The potential is pretty much only limited by your imagination. Happy exploring!

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