Feature release: smart categories for easy, automatic filtering

We’re all a little skeptical of ‘smart’ products. Yes, the smartphone was a reasonable success - but that doesn’t mean we can market anything with an RFID chip as one small step away from sentience. We’re throwing bluetooth into cocktail shakers and sensors into our socks. Even the humble cup - traditionally a lump of dried clay with a dip in the middle - is no longer satisfactory unless it has an LED display and a mobile app.But there are some smart things that genuinely make your life better. Take Rex’s new smart categories for instance. They’re just what they say on the tin - smart - and we’re not going to let some trumped-up earthenware take that away from us.

Smart categories

We had a lot of users suggest that we implement some way for Rex to allow you to easily identify buyers from sellers without the use of tags. That would require us figuring out a way for Rex to identify buyers from sellers without the use of tags. And that would require a little bit of Lawnmower Man-style smartening up of the system. That’s right. Rex can now tell the difference on its own. Check it out.

Magic. By assessing related records, actions taken and other factors, Rex can now determine what kind of a contact each of your records is, and mark them accordingly. If, for example, you have a buyer match profile running for a contact, Rex can tell they’re a buyer and automatically mark them as one. Ergo, making it far easier to filter for specific sets of contacts without having to go through and tag them all manually beforehand.If you’re ever unsure why Rex has marked a contact in a particular way, simply hover your cursor over the label and Rex will explain itself.

Now all your contacts have been automatically sorted for you, you'll find it's much easier to find exactly what you're looking for. We've even added a new option to the 'filter' menu in your contact list to make things easier.

Contact types

Rex will put your contacts in a variety of different categories:

  • Listing Owner,
  • Listing Purchaser or Tenant,
  • Property Owner,
  • Past Property Owner,
  • Property Tenant,
  • Past Property Tenant,
  • Looking to Buy, and/or
  • Looking to Rent.

Obviously, these are not mutually exclusive. Joe Bloggs might be an investor, selling some of his portfolio, while still looking to buy more. That would make him a Listing Owner, a Property Owner, and Looking to Buy at the same time. In all its wisdom, Rex will mark him appropriately as all three.

Going mobile

While this feature is, of course, awesome on its own - the real beauty will shine through with the upcoming release of the Rex mobile app.When designing software for a phone, you have far less screen real estate to work with - so you need to lay things out in the most clear and concise way possible. Hence, now we can sum up each contact in your database quickly and easily like so. (Warning: sneak peek of the up-and-coming Rex app UI).

As you can see, each contact’s interest level and any appropriate smart categories are shown right below the name, giving you at at-a-glance overview. Now, even when you’re out and about, you’ll be able to easily identify relevant contacts or filter your contact list based on client needs - all on your phone. By far the easiest way to generate a list of leads to call, for instance. But the best part? Because this feature is completely automated, you don’t even have to study any help documentation. Everything’s ready to go straight out of the box. All that’s left to do get in there and enjoy yourselves.

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