Feature release: reminders on steroids and sticky notes

Reminders and sticky notes

I’m not sure it’s possible to overstate the impact this week’s feature release will have on the time you spend in Rex. We've taken real estate reminder software to the next level. (Read: this is kind of a big deal). Reminders are already the bread and butter of an agent’s day with Rex, and thanks to a number of new features in the dashboard and streams, it’s time for an upgrade from Aunt Petunia’s sterling set to that self-toasting knife from The Hitchhiker’s Guide. We anticipate significant time saving - especially for administration duties - and better clarity between agents within Rex. Now you have the ability to pin notes in the stream and filter, prioritise, defer and repeat your reminders - all from the dashboard. The result is a noticeable increase in productivity for your office, so we’ll try not to waste all that saved time on the introduction. Let’s jump into it.

Prioritise your reminders

Not all reminders are created equal. ‘Get that contract signed before Tuesday’ has obviously higher stakes than ‘See if Lynn wants Nandos for lunch,’ and we’ve reflected that in Rex. You can now create and organise your reminders by their priority: ‘Low’, ‘Default’ and ‘High’. ‘Default’ will simply leave reminders without a priority level, whilst ‘High’ reminders will collect at the top of your dashboard.

Rank reminders

As well as a colour-coded flag denoting prioritised reminders (‘red’ for important and ‘grey’ for not-so-much), you have the ability to filter your reminders list by priority level. Boom: easily organise each day’s agenda, and get the most important tasks done first (or last, as I seem to prefer).


As an added timesaver, you can now sort reminders by assigned priority or associated buyer interest level directly from the dashboard. Getting your priorities in order seems a lot less scathing now, doesn’t it?

Reminders by priority

Somewhat related; there was also a popular Uservoice suggestion for the ability to sort your leads by their interest level. So we threw that in too. (#Freethevotes). Leads can now be filtered straight from our newly empowered dashboard, removing another hundred clicks from your morning follow-up.

Recurring reminders

Loads of reminders aren’t simple one-offs: ‘Prepare for the weekend’s OFIs’, ‘Drop off marketing brochures’, ‘Budget for weekly listing expenses’ - you get the idea. These tasks can occur daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly in some cases (congratulating buyers on another year in their new home, for example). That’s why we’ve given your reminders a ‘recurring’ function.When creating these kinds of reminder, you can choose when the event is set to repeat, and the reminder will label itself as ‘recurring’. We’ve provided extremely granular time and date options for each iteration, so you can schedule reminders exactly how you please.

Recurring remind

Once the reminder is ticked off, a pop-up notification will advise that a new one has been created straight away. Rex won’t create the next reminder until the first one has been ticked off, to keep your feeds uncluttered.

Duplicate reminders

Loathe typing the same thing twice? We get it, a lot of the reminders you create on a day-to-day basis can be quite generic, so why not recycle them? New ‘duplicate’ reminders help you copy less and cope better.Once you’ve created a reminder, it’s easy to reuse it again later by clicking ‘duplicate’. Rex will keep all the fields filled out (except for the due date and description) so you can quickly create another like it without having to fill everything out from scratch.


Defer reminders

We’ve given your reminders a snooze button! There are any number of reasons to let a reminder get its beauty sleep. Perhaps you’re waiting on a third party? Or maybe you called your buyer for a follow-up and caught them driving? Hit the snooze button, and call them tomorrow for a guilt-free agenda.

Defer reminders

When you defer a reminder, Rex will suggest some reasonable time intervals or allow you to specify, and leave a record that the reminder has been snoozed for the time being. You even have the option to provide a reason, so management know you’re not just lazy.

Edit reminders from the dashboard

Gone are the dark-ages of hopping back and forth between property and contact records just to locate and edit a reminder.We’re living in the future. We’ve got automatic car windows, virtual reality and lactose-free milk - the old dashboard seemed dystopian by comparison. Appropriately, we’ve decided to expand its uses, and give you the ability to edit reminders straight from the dashboard.You’ll notice a drop down arrow in the top right hand corner of your reminders - this gives you the ability to edit each reminder in whatever way you see fit - all without having to go anywhere.

Pinned notes

Last (but certainly not least) - at an impressive 182 Uservoice votes - your notes are now sticky!

Pin notes

Some of the notes added in a Listing or Contact stream are quite important, and need to be obvious when dealing with a property or client. It’s not particularly efficient to search through all your notes to find the date an owner would like to inspect their property, for example. Now you can pin important notes to the top of the feed.

Pinned note at top of stream

Now important information will be obvious to everyone visiting that record. Pinned notes can be updated or unpinned whenever you please…..And there we have it - another feature release all wrapped up. Hopefully you’re inspired enough to share this around the office, or try yourself next time a reminder isn’t gaining enough ground. More importantly: now you’re armed with the latest in self-toasting lightsaber technology, you’ll never go back to plain sliced bread again.We’d like to personally thank any users who suggested or voted on any of the features above - Rex wouldn’t be the same without you.(P.S: If you did vote, your votes will be available again to re-distribute. Jump onto Uservoice and let us know what you want next!)

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