Feature release: REI forms live and Realworks online integrations

REI forms

On Friday, May 1, these integrations will be covered in a free webinar. If you haven't already done so...Register for the Webinar Einstein once said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign of?” An empty desk is a sign of a well-organised individual, Einstein. We thought you were smart. Since Albert seems to have something against tidying up he’d love all your damned legal forms. They’re impossible to keep organised as they're perpetually lost in seas of other (identical) forms. You’d know from our software that, unlike Einstein, we like a place for everything and everything in its place - we figured we could think of a better way of storing forms for you. Lately we’ve been doing our best to minimise the pain that these paper (or electronic) gremlins inflict upon our day-to-day lives. You already know about our integrations with REINZ and ADL to combat the monotony of filling out endless tedious fields in endless tedious contracts. Today we’re happy to announce that Rex is now also integrated with REI Forms Live and Realworks Online to make completing your forms and keeping them organised even easier.

REI Forms Live and Realworks Online

As you’re probably already aware, these are online form filling applications. You add your information just once and they cover the rest, making contracts and forms a breeze. They cover almost all the states of Australia. If you’re operating in NSW, NT, SA, TAS, WA or QLD – you’re in luck. (Sorry, Victoria). What makes them so great (and worthy of Rex integrations) are their speedy updates. As REI say on their website; “If there is a legislation change tomorrow, your draft forms and agreements will be automatically updated for you! No other forms provider is as fast as us!” You can rest easy knowing their forms are compliant.

Beautiful, simple, hands-free organisation

The only problem with REI Forms Live and Realworks Online is that occasionally you’ve probably found yourself searching through kilometre-long lists of old contracts for something you filled out a year ago. That's where we come in. Rex now organises these forms for you. Drafts, finalised forms, contracts, agreements or any other documents you might have stored online are all indexed next to their respective property or listing records. And they’ll stay there for the rest of their bright future of being in exactly the right place whenever you need them.Lets say you’ve filled out a Listing Authority for 1 Example Street. Once upon a time you’d be hunting it down all afternoon if you needed it for something. Now it’s as easy as global-searching for that property, and having all its associated forms, (including said Listing Authority), at your disposal in the right hand bar. By using your listings and property records in Rex as an index for your forms on REI or Realworks, we’ve simplified your day-to-day and saved you from wasting time trying to find them.


To save you a little more time, Rex feeds REI and Realworks with appropriate information to auto-fill out as much of your form as possible - much like our REINZ and ADL integrations do - so you’re not forced to double enter data. The more information you store in Rex, the more information Rex can send to REI or Realworks, and the less fields you’ll have to fill out in the long run.

Template Contracts

Because some forms are required several times throughout the course of a listing, we’ve also added a magical little ‘Duplicate Listing Form’ button, which does pretty much exactly what it sounds like it does. We recommend you create ‘template contracts’ against a listing, which can then be copied to the contract's forms using the button. These Template Contracts reduce the work required when recreating and setting up contract forms over and over again for the one listing. You’ll only need to enter the listing and vendor details once. Now that you've filled in all the legal details, you can duplicate that contract so fields that aren’t auto-filled will remain completed – ergo, saving you even more time.

Learn the ropes

All of these features work together to make forms simpler and speedier than ever before. This is a far more convenient and time-efficient way of managing forms between REI Forms Live or Realworks Online and Rex - you'll never have to waste time searching for a form again. Your life couldn’t be more organised if you let a thousand full-blown, hand-washing obsessive-compulsives armed with label-makers loose in your home.For more information on how to use Rex’s REI Forms Live and Realworks Online integrations, check out our help documentation.

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