Enhanced Reminders

Acknowledging the challenges in task management and sharing within teams, this update significantly improves visibility, shareability, and flexibility. Our enhanced Reminders release directly addresses the issues of missed tasks and facilitates the integration of internal processes directly into Rex CRM. Get ready to enhance productivity, collaboration, compliance and oversight with features like:

  • Assign to Individuals or Groups: Reminders can now be assigned to both individual Users and User groups, simplifying task management across teams.
  • Floating Tasks: We've eliminated the constraint of fixed due dates, introducing tasks that remain active until completed, offering greater flexibility in how tasks are managed.
  • Reorder Track Reminders: Adapt your agency's workflow in real-time by reordering track reminders to prioritise tasks as needed.
  • Approval-Based Workflow: A significant addition is the Internal Approval Reminders, a feature that pauses the progression of subsequent reminders until the necessary approval is received, ensuring strict compliance and oversight.

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