Automated Buyer Match Campaigns, Create Reminders from Notes and Multi-Factor Auth!

Keep your buyers automatically informed without needing to do a thing

Many have asked for campaign automation after we released Automated Buyer Match Profiles. We are excited to let you know we have expanded its functionality to deliver a comprehensive zero-touch end-to-end solution for keeping your buyers informed on new listings and price changes. Introducing automated campaign creation for buyers!

Automatic Match Campaigns

The volume of buyers making enquiries and coming through open homes is often difficult to keep on top of. Admin staff spend hours every week creating campaigns after open homes. Streamline this with a few clicks, and allow your admin staff to focus on growing your business.

Buyer enquires on a listing or attends an open home -> The buyer's criteria is automatically captured in a match profile -> Campaign automatically created so they are kept in the loop on new listings and price reductions

Once this is set up in Settings -> Match Profiles & Alerts it is entirely set and forget. Then you can let it work its magic in the background and automate hours of admin time. Find out more in our help centre.

Create reminders as you're creating a note

Add reminders whiles adding notes

Are you on the phone with a vendor and want to make a reminder for yourself? No longer do you need to save the note, and then navigate elsewhere to create the reminder. Now you can simply tick 'add reminder' when creating a note, and you can create a reminder. It already has the context of the note, so the important fields are pre-filled for you. Just set the due date and click save. Voila!

See which users have enabled multi-factor auth (MFA) in your office

If you are a security-conscious agency, you will likely have been very excited about our MFA rollout earlier this year. We continue to build on top of this functionality, by allowing you to see which users in your office have enrolled. Go to Users & Security and you will be able to see exactly which of your staff have enrolled by the grey mfa enabled label next to their name.

Multi-factor Authentication User List

What else have we been up to?

  • You can now search for listings that are under application
  • Webhooks that have been marked as unhealthy can now be manually marked as healthy
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect fields would be pre-filled when creating a property record and selecting a building
  • When performing a manual match, the listings on the match screen are now ordered by newest first
  • The year is displayed on the calendar event card in the record stream if the event occurred in any year that was not the current year

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