Announcing: Rex University, here to help supercharge your agency

Introducing Rex University learning portal

Rex has a lot of powerful features we’re confident you all know and use daily. But here’s the thing: you don’t know what you don’t know. For example, did you know you can save and ‘favourite’ a list filter in Rex, which then shows up in Pocket - making it two taps to view and call the warm leads you haven’t spoken with in the last week? Or that you can find invoices via global search by their custom reference, or add a # to the global search to find listings by their ID? *crickets* Today we’re announcing Rex University: a complete online training course for the software you know and love. The courses at Rex University include videos, walk-throughs and short quiz at the end of each module. Our virtual instructors will walk you through practically everything you can do in Rex on desktop (plus Pocket and the Pocket open home kiosk app). As well as covering the basics, we’re planning to teach you how to use Rex best. Think of it as your virtual guide to getting the most out of your system and absolutely nailing Customer Relationship Management for your agency. Here’s how it works.

Getting started with Rex University

Anyone with a Rex account can use Rex University, free of charge. If your agency has only recently onboarded with Rex, you should definitely jump in and get learning so you can hit the ground running. Even if you’re a seasoned Rexpert, we still recommend you check it out. Our starter course are a helpful way to refresh your knowledge and pick up features you might be missing out on. There’s also an advanced training section for power users. Whenever a new person starts in sales or admin at your agency, ask them to complete the modules. It only takes a few hours and if they learn how to use Rex the right way from the start, they’ll be a valuable team player in no time. First, log in to Rex. Then click the question mark button to open the help menu. You’ll notice a new menu item, Rex University. Click Log In and Rex will use your saved credentials to log you in automatically. Once you see the Login complete screen, click Open Rex University.

Pick the right training for your role

After logging in, you’ll see three sections:

  1. Agent Training
  2. Admin Training
  3. Advanced Training

Sales agents should complete the full agent training section to get the most benefit. It only takes about three and a half hours to complete and doesn’t have to be done in one sitting. We know you’re busy. We recommend that admin staff complete both the admin training section and the agent training. This will help administrators pick up everything they need to best assist their agency. The Admin Training section alone takes about two and a half hours to complete. The Advanced Training section is predominantly for Super and General Admin users, and covers the add-on features of Rex (such as TrustAgent Ledgers and Leads).

Some modules are compulsory

Each of the three sections is made up of a number of modules. In an ideal world, you’d complete every module in order. Each includes a video which is usually just a couple of minutes long. We’ve made the first few modules in the agent training section compulsory viewing, because they contain the basic information you’ll need to get the most out of Rex - how to log in, contact our support team, and lodge a feature suggestion with UserVoice. Once you’ve completed our intro content, Rex University will open up the rest of your course content including advanced topics like how to hide a sold price using marketing overrides, or how to set up leads in Rex.

There’s questionnaires, too

At the end of most modules, there’s a short questionnaire that needs to be completed before moving forward. These questions are based on the most common questions our support team receives. Don’t worry - if you’ve been paying attention to the video, the questions are a breeze. Happy learning!

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