Lead generation in real estate made simple

The real estate market is constantly changing, and so too is the way we generate leads. What was bringing in quality leads just months ago may no longer do so today. Find out how Rex's real estate lead generation software can grow your agency.

Keep your pipeline full in good times and bad with smart software solutions.

Find prospects where they hang out most

Advertising online has become more important than ever as the traditional forms of advertising real estate agents are used to become less and less effective. Spoke makes it easy to efficiently target your audience via digital ads on Facebook, Instagram, and the Google Display Network. Find buyers with listings ads, connect with prospects ready to sell now, and keep your brand front of mind for those ready to sell in the future. Find out how Rex Reach can supercharge your lead generation.

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Make your first impression count

Portals cover buyers – but how to attract vendors? Your website is often the first point of contact between you and a potential vendor. That means it needs to make a good impression – or they’ll simply move on to the next agent in their search. A Rex Websites template will ensure your first impression counts. Engage prospects with high res imagery, video and VR tours. Inspire trust with client testimonials and articles that demonstrate your market expertise. Capture more leads with enticing calls to action and forms designed to boost your enquiry rate. Rex Websites are designed for lead generation in real estate and put more stock on the shelves.

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Deliver consistent follow-up at scale

There are only so many hours in the day and both your leads and clients need your attention around the clock. Making the most of Rex CRM's in-built workflows, Tracks, will allow you to stay in touch with customers at critical points in the customer journey while saving more hours in the day. From the moment your lead comes in sync it with Rex CRM and assign an automated follow-up Track so that you never miss a beat. Want to provide consistent nurture to new prospects? Improve your vendor care? Stay in touch with past buyers? There’s a Track for that. Make the most of your lead generation by converting more prospects and maintain lasting relationships with this powerful feature.

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Tired of missing opportunities? Keep track of your customer’s life journey with Rex CRM.
Tired of missing opportunities? Keep track of your customer’s life journey with Rex CRM.
Being there, at the right time is key to success. Our platform provides all the necessary tools for you to complete the picture of your customers so you're ready when they are.
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