Elevate your customer service with Rex CRM

Building strong, long-term relationships with customers is a top priority for any property business that wants to achieve higher revenue and faster growth.

Rex CRM gives you the tools to build stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships.

Streamline your open home experience

When you’re flat-out welcoming attendees, fielding questions, and separating the stickybeak neighbors from the hot leads you need a way to add, manage and follow up with attendees faster than ever. With Rex Mobile’s Open Homes feature, you have everything you need at your fingertips. Check in attendees, update their details, view past attendance history, view OFI attendance stats, and follow up with all attendees in one fell swoop. OFI successfully completed! Rex Mobile also automatically updates details in Rex CRM, so all your attendee information is available in your database for when you return to the office.

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Never enter blindly into a conversation again

Rex Mobile’s Caller ID feature makes it easy to sync all your contacts to the Rex Mobile app This means all those calls from unknown numbers you’re used to can now match with the contact record in your CRM and show their name on screen. Even if you’ve only barely met them, or haven’t spoken to them in seven years, you can still confidently answer the phone with a; ‘Hi, [First name]! Long time no see!’. You don’t even have to worry about crowding your phone with thousands of names: contact records for Caller ID are stored in a separate database on your phone that never touches your phonebook.

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Never miss a touchpoint in the customer journey

When the goal is to build client relationships (and referrals) for life, good customer service is critical at every stage of the buying and selling journey. Rex CRM’s in-built workflow feature, Tracks, is your roadmap to success. Use our pre-defined workflows based on best-practice customer journeys for buyers and sellers. Or build your own based on your years of experience. Tracks generate time-released reminders and tasks to help you maintain consistent, best-practice contact at every stage of the customer journey.

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Keep your vendors informed of buyer feedback

Whatever the market situation, the role of a listing agent is to educate their seller about what the market (i.e. buyers) is saying about the pricing of their property. Rex CRM offers powerful tools to effectively communicate buyer and market feedback to your vendors, ensuring they're always in the loop. Our simple interface encourages frequent entry of inspection and OFI feedback against individual listings. With just a few clicks, Rex can prepare a comprehensive vendor feedback report detailing all reported feedback and buyer interactions with the vendor’s property.

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More data. More visibility. More opportunities.
More data. More visibility. More opportunities.
Get actionable insights with less clicks with interactive Custom Reports.
Maximize your real estate geo prospecting efforts with Rex CRM. Bulk import properties, access live data, and create CMAs seamlessly. Integrations with Core Logic RP Data and APM PriceFinder put control and efficiency at your fingertips. Experience precision and customisation tailored to your needs.
Rex CRM is behind some of the most successful large agencies in Australia.
Rex CRM is behind some of the most successful large agencies in Australia.
Larger agencies in Australia are choosing Rex CRM to address their distinct needs, scale relationships, and outperform competitors. With the ability to streamline large agency processes, integrate custom tech stacks through an open API, provide live dashboards for real-time insights, and allow deep customisation for tailored solutions, Rex CRM becomes a strategic tool to build success.
Streamlined Data Management for Real Estate Professionals
More than 2,500 agencies trust Rex for their daily operations
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