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Operating across the markets of London and prime country regions, Harding Green offers an enticing proposition for its Consultants – the freedom of self-employment. As part of a new wave of UK agencies adopting the broker model of estate agency, Harding Green allows its consultants to retain a significant share of the fees they generate, all while striking a desirable work-life balance. But even for an innovative firm like Harding Green, staying ahead of the competition was a challenge – a challenge made simpler with the adoption of Rex Sales & Lettings CRM.

The challenge: Need for a forward-thinking CRM

Breaking away from the status quo of traditional estate agency comes with its unique set of hurdles. "The biggest challenge for us," shares Nick Carter, CEO of Harding Green, "is staying ahead of the competition. We have to be very heavy on the tech front." The hunt for the ideal PropTech solutions became a frustrating, piecemeal process. Nick was tired of being tethered to industry-standard software that couldn’t offer a streamlined solution. “I was getting fed up at paying for 300 quid here, 400 pounds here for new pieces of PropTech," confessed Nick. It was clear they needed a forward-thinking approach to match the rapidly evolving property landscape.

"The biggest challenge for us as a UK broker model is staying ahead of the competition. I think, you know, we have to be very heavy on the tech front. and that's why Rex is absolutely fantastic for us." – Nick Carter, CEO at Harding Green

The solution: Embracing Rex's Open API and innovations

Harding Green found the streamlined, fully integrated software solution it was looking for in Rex Sales & Lettings CRM. The standout feature for Harding Green was the open API, realising its potential to customise the platform to their needs and facilitate efficient and cost-effective third-party integrations that would last in perpetuity. Features such as the Zapier integration and Custom Fields added to their ability to customise the system, harness data and automate processes. Nick describes it felt like their agents "have a negotiator working for them." Harding Green had found a tool to offer their brokers innovative software solutions that set them apart from their competition.

“The Open API for us was a very important aspect for us. We wanted to build, integrations and add-ons into our offering for our agents, but we also wanted to be able to set ourselves apart from our competitors.”

The implementation: Transition and training

Harding Green experienced initial resistance from approximately 50% of their agents, who were understandably uneasy about changing CRM systems. With the help of the Rex onboarding team and learning resources, Harding Green adopted a proactive approach to training and support, leading to increased user adoption. Over time, even the initially hesitant agents came to love the platform. 

“I can tell you every single person in the business now, six months on, absolutely love it and would not go back”

The results: Enhanced operations and client satisfaction

Embracing Rex CRM has unlocked a multitude of advantages for Harding Green. From the Open API, integrations, automation and ability to customise and harness more of their data, Harding Green are enabling their Consultants to work more efficiently and successfully.

A Leap in Operational Efficiency: 

A critical transformation has been eliminating the need to jump between various software platforms. Instead, Harding Green makes the most of Rex CRM's Zapier integration and Open API, building a more cost-effective, permanent solution for integrating new ideas and operational changes. The organisation's approach has shifted to creating automations that last in perpetuity.

Unleashing the Power of Data: 

Harding Green's use of Rex CRM's integration capabilities has bridged the gap between their brokers. This strategy ensures each agent has comprehensive access to the system's contacts, broadening the firm's reach and enhancing service delivery. They can now automatically match properties across their entire database of 12,000 contacts. It's a distinct advantage that other CRMs can't match, and one that amplifies their reach and optimises the use of their data, even while they sleep.

"Rex feels like for our brokers, that they have a negotiator working for them. It's actually the first CRM that I've used that really feels like it's actually working with the data. It's harnessing that data, and it's utilising it for you, you know, when you're sleeping."

Elevating Client Relationships:

The mobile capabilities of Rex CRM have transformed both the broker and client experiences. “It’s a total game changer for us” Nick exclaims, brokers now receive instant leads from Rightmove or Zoopla on their mobile phones, promoting swift engagement with potential clients. This immediate responsiveness has fostered stronger client relationships. The ability to customise fields within the CRM has further enabled Harding Green to adapt the system to their specific needs, ensuring each client interaction is as impactful as possible.

Driving Business Innovation: 

Harding Green hasn't stopped there. They've harnessed Rex's integration capabilities to introduce cutting-edge features like OpenAI's ChatGPT for auto-generating property descriptions, further optimising their operations. By strategically utilising the Open API, Nick explains “we can keep innovating, we don't have to wait for new updates for the CRM provider”, embodying the spirit of being proactive rather than reactive in their approach to business.

Rising above the competition with Rex CRM

Since transitioning to Rex, Harding Green has experienced transformative results that have strengthened their operations, broker engagement, and client relationships. CEO, Nick Carter believes that Rex, true to its promise, is a forward-thinking solution offering a level of innovation unmatched in the PropTech space. The successful partnership between Harding Green and Rex illustrates the power of digital transformation in estate agency. It provides a shining example of how the right technology can lead to increased efficiency, satisfaction, and competitive advantage.

"Rex truly is a PropTech pioneer and they're going places." 
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