Streamline your workflows

We’ve taken the idea of a to-do list and turned it into a digital workflow called Tracks. These are grouped, time-released tasks and reminders that define best practice follow-up for listings, prospects, appraisals, buyers, and everything in between. Tracks are your roadmap to consistent communication that keeps you front and centre in the property owner's mind, wherever they are in your sales pipeline. Define your own best-practice follow-up Tracks and give your staff the framework they need to be more productive from day one.

Embrace the power of templates and bulk merge

Well-written template letters, emails, and SMS messages have a powerful place in your sales management arsenal. Templated messages save time and ensure your team is consistently on-brand when they correspond with your agency’s clients. Select and send in just a few clicks. Tracks become even more powerful when combined with templates and bulk merge. This allows admins and agents to combine many actions into a single workflow. Send out all the emails due today in just one hit. That’s a big productivity win for your staff.

Productive work on the go

Say hello to Rex Mobile, the most functional real estate CRM app you’ll use. Managing leads, listings, and inspections on the go couldn’t be simpler. Add new buyers and their requirements directly into your CRM, then email or text them e-brochures in a few taps. Show homeowners the power of your database with Rex CRM’s buyer matching feature. Add and edit listings, contact, and property records on the go. Need to follow up with a client? Swipe to call, have a chat, then add any feedback or notes to their contact record. It’s that easy! You can leave the ‘post-it’ notes in the stationary cabinet.

Find what you need with Tags

The value of your data is intrinsically linked to the level of detail you store – Rex CRM’s custom Tag functionality allows you to build a richer record of your clients by tagging interests, needs, and features. Imagine your potential buyer is a tennis fanatic - tagging them as such would prove valuable if you listed a property with a tennis court. Use Tags to filter contacts, properties, and listings to more effectively focus your efforts on a specific segment and track specialised information. Tags make it easy to find whatever you need – no matter how large your database.

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Get the most out of your real estate CRM

You too can rely on Rex to automate simple tasks, and spend the time you save seeking out new opportunities to connect and build genuine relationships.

Steal back your time by auto-sending SMS/emails from tracks

You’re already using Rex to schedule your SMS and email mail merges, bulk mail merges and newsletters ahead of time. It’s time to kick your automation up a level with new functionality that automatically actions your tracks and reminders – sending messages at exactly the right time.

Three productivity boosting apps you should be using

These productivity boostings apps will help you save time, communicate more effectively, de-clutter your office of post-it notes and finally emancipate your accounting team from the perennial horrors of accounting software.

Award winning real estate agency saves 88.8 admin hours every month

Shaving minutes off everyday tasks adds up

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Our top 9 Prospecting workflows

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