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Content calendar template

Ready, set, blog!

If you’re interested in building a content calendar then you probably already understand the benefits of content creation and blogging for your real estate business. But with so many channels to consider it can be easy to fall into a “spray and pray” approach that will likely fall short of your marketing goals.

When the goal is to produce a steady stream of relevant and engaging content, a content calendar will keep you and your team organised and on track. We've created a downloadable template to help you start properly planning and tracking your content marketing initiatives.

Track and manage:

  • Due date
  • Publish date
  • Article Title
  • Topic & Purpose
  • Keywords
  • Assignees
  • Status
  • Links

Learn how to get the most out of your content marketing efforts in our article, Building a content calendar for your real estate blog.

Download our free content calendar template and get started today!

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