We're heading towards $511 billion in property sales through Rex

While it’s usually the hint of Christmas cheer and end-of-year celebrations that provide the motivation to look back on our successes over the year, we decided this month - why wait!

This time back in 2019 I was just starting with Rex, and my first major project was the launch of Rex at the EA Masters conference in the UK. With a new brand look, an overseas exhibition venue and only a few short weeks our Brand and Marketing team pulled the proverbial rabbit of the hat and the rest is documented across social channels.

So this seems like as good a time as any to wave our flag and really celebrate the amazing success Rex is having in Australia and around the world. 

$511bn sold by Rex

Since its launch more than 1 million listings have been sold through Rex, totally more than $511 billion in property sales.

The system powering 10000 agents globally

Today Rex Software is powering over 10,000 agency professionals around the world. Every day our users are harnessing the power of their contact and property data to prospect for valuations, manage listings and sell properties.

Agencies have earned over $14 billion in commission

Making money is the name of the game in property and with Rex our agency customers in Australian, New Zealand and the UK have earned more than $14 billion in commissions. 

Our top agents use the Rex mobile app for over 3 hours a day

With the Rex Mobile app delivering seamless mobile access to contacts, properties, listings and sales, agents, admin staff and agency managers are getting the job done more efficiently than ever. Even in this crazy COVID-world our top agents on the Rex mobile app average more than over 3 hours a day.

500,000 calls made through the Rex mobile app

And over the past 12 months our users have made more than 500,000 calls from Rex Mobile. No clunky copy and paste manoeuvres required.

To round off this update of big numbers, we’ve also seen Rex now hit more than 55 million automated listing alerts being sent to potential buyers.

As our global expansion continues, and the introduction of new features like live Performance Dashboards and updates like our Automatic Calendar follow-ups the  numbers are only going to get bigger. If you want to find out how to join our billion dollar sales agencies, book a demo with our local sales team today.

Ready to join top performing agencies growing their business with Rex?

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