Want more people at your open homes? Hear how Jason does it with Spoke

Jason Adcock uses Spoke to generate 2 X more web traffic and 3 X more appraisals than all other channels combined.

In this short interview, Jason explains how he has doubled his listing volume in just 18 months by using Spoke ads. Watch it now to find out exactly what Jason says to his sellers to get more VPA for digital marketing.

Hi, I’m Jason Adcock — Principal of Adcock Prestige. I specialise in prestige property throughout the Brisbane greater area. I see vendor paid advertising as probably the absolute, number one component of why I’ve been successful in real estate in the last 26 years.

The reason why I’ve decided to go so hard with the targeted digital marketing is because I’ve seen the benefits of how many people it’s bringing to our open houses. We’ve probably had a spike of 35 to 40% increase in the number of buyers that are coming through these properties, as well as the enquiry we’re getting through email and phone calls. And what they’re saying is, “Jason, we see you everywhere. We see you on Facebook, we see you on Instagram. Your ads are popping up when we look at the Courier Mail or Brisbane Times or some of these other websites.”

It’s really given me a total edge in the marketplace for listing these prestige properties.

I had a property I sold at Bulimba, on the river for $3,150,000. That sold in 4 days, and the buyer came off an Instagram ad. I also had another property that I sold in 3 days for $4,700,000 and the buyer came off an instagram ad, and I hadn’t even loaded it up on realestate.com.au. My average marketing campaign at the moment, on the properties I’m selling, is around about fifteen thousand dollars. Around about a third of that is directed toward targeted digital marketing.

When I’m selling the digital media marketing component in the marketing campaign, it’s very very easy. What I say is we employed the services of a targeted digital media marketing agency called Spoke 18 months ago and ever since we’ve had them on board we’re able to target the right types of people and get them to the property quicker, resulting in quicker sales.

We also give them a couple examples of how we’ve sold these properties in sometimes three, four, five days where people haven’t even been looking on the portals , haven’t been looking at print media, but it’s come up in their Facebook feed, their Instagram feed, or they’ve been targeted with the Google ads.

Once you explain to them the benefits of that and the success stories we’re having, they’re all on board. And in some cases they’re doubling what they’re spending on that particular campaign.

Social media marketing probably ranks as number one when it comes to brand awareness. We are getting more than double the traffic via our targeted digital marketing platform through Spoke than we are traditional portals like realestate.com.au and Domain. Our number of appraisals have tripled in the last 18 months, and when people are ready to sell they’re thinking of us as the number one person to speak to in relation to selling their home.

My advice to any real estate agency out there at the moment is to change their marketing programs to include a digital social media marketing component and that needs to be at least 35 to 40 per cent of the total cost of the marketing.

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