Use digital marketing to advertise and sell more properties

Say hello to a better way of advertising properties
47 hours per week is what the average person spends on social media and the web

There’s no other place your listings get more air time

The average person spends 2.5 hours a week browsing for properties, compare that to the 47 hours they spend online each week. When you advertise properties, make sure listings reach beyond those 2.5 hours by using Rex Reach.

90% of people online can be reached through Rex Reach

Marketing at scale

There’s virtually no better way to reach more people than through social media and the web. Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) uses Facebook, Instagram and Google to access thousands of people in your area.

53% of leads on Rex Reach campaigns are seller leads

Infuse prospecting into all marketing

Prospecting is embedded within the DNA of Rex Reach, no matter if you are running a brand awareness campaign or advertising a listing, Rex Reach takes your prospecting efforts to the next level.

If you want to understand more about how our large agency and enterprise customers are using our API, find out here!

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