The ChatGPT advantage: How to supercharge real estate agent productivity

Top 9 uses for ChatGPT in Real Estate

Over 100 million people have tried out ChatGPT since its launch in late 2022 and it remains a trending topic as we explore all that it can do across a vast array of business applications. With ChatGPT's ability to provide knowledgeable and contextually relevant communication, the AI bot's possible uses in real estate have the potential to improve customer satisfaction, streamline processes, and enhance the overall efficiency of the industry. Here are some of our favourite ways you can use ChatGPT to boost your productivity and improve your real estate business:

Use ChatGPT as a customer service assistant: 

Whether it’s on email, social media or web chat, ChatGPT can help you craft quick, personalised responses to customer enquiries. Skip the copy-paste by using browser extensions like Merlin or WritingMate to use ChatGPT in-browser. Incorporate ChatGPT into your automated workflows (using a tool like Zapier) to automatically reply to customer enquiries or send buyer welcome emails based on the information and tags in your CRM. 

Example prompts for ChatGPT:
  • Write a friendly response to a general email enquiry asking if they are looking to buy or sell.
  • Write a welcome email with local recommendations suggesting local restaurants, cafes and activities based on [age range, interests of the purchaser recorded in CRM].
  • Draft a message to a client thanking them for their business.
  • Respond to this enquiry with property details and notable features of the location.

Use ChatGPT as a copywriter: 

ChatGPTs contextual awareness makes it an excellent copywriter. It can use existing information about a location, property market and demographics along with details you supply to help you craft compelling and relevant copy for listing descriptions, suburb profiles, blog posts, marketing material and more!

Example prompts for ChatGPT: 
  • Write a 200-word listing description for [insert address here] highlighting its unique features and benefits. 
  • Write a 500-word suburb profile for [insert suburb here] including references to local schools, restaurants and activities.
  • Can you give me catchy headline ideas for my latest property listing?
  • Can you generate some ideas for blog posts related to real estate investing?
  • Can you write an article on the top tips for improving your property value?

Use ChatGPT as a marketing assistant:

If you’re a solo agent or smaller agency, you’re probably used to handling all your marketing in-house. Before you consider outsourcing, give ChatGPT a go. It’s surprisingly good at marketing creative and can help you plan and execute marketing campaigns that will generate more leads and drive sales. 

Example prompts for ChatGPT: 
  • What are some effective ways to target first-time homebuyers?
  • Can you help me create a social media campaign that targets young families?
  • Can you give me some persuasive call-to-action ideas for my email marketing campaign?
  • Write a Facebook ad for this property that highlights its location and amenities.
  • Can you rewrite this copy to be more persuasive and instil a sense of urgency?
  • Can give me some ideas for social media posts to promote my business?

Use ChatGPT as a scriptwriter:

Avoiding making that video or presentation because you don’t know what to say? ChatGPT can help you create scripts for promotional videos, webinars, or client presentations that will elevate the professionalism and effectiveness of your communication and marketing efforts. 

Example prompts for ChatGPT:
  • Can you write a script for this property tour video?
  • Can you write a script for a promotional video for my business?
  • Can you create a presentation on the benefits of investing in real estate?
  • Create a script for my presentation on the current real estate market trends.

Use ChatGPT as an SEO specialist:

Want to improve your organic discoverability? ChatGPT can help you optimise your website and content for search engines, improving your visibility and attracting more traffic. 

Example prompts for ChatGPT: 
  • What are the most important keywords for real estate websites? 
  • Can you suggest some ways to improve the SEO for this page?
  • Can you give me a list of long-tail keyword ideas relevant to my business?
  • Write a blog article about [insert longtail keyword].

Use ChatGPT as a leadership coach:

Improve your leadership skills and manage your team more effectively with the help of ChatGPT. Whether you need leadership advice or assistance drafting career development plans and coaching your staff, ChatGPT can act as your leadership or motivational coach, helping you to improve your effectiveness as a leader.

Example prompts for ChatGPT: 
  • How can I improve my communication skills as a team leader?
  • Can you suggest some strategies for motivating and retaining top-performing real estate agents?
  • Can you provide a growth strategy based on these core goals and challenges.
  • Can you suggest some team-building activities that would be appropriate for my team?
  • Can you provide some coaching on how to communicate more effectively with clients?
  • I need help motivating myself to call customers on my database that I haven’t spoken to in a while.

Use ChatGPT as a transcription assistant:

Who has time to personally transcribe audio to text? Instead of hiring a professional transcriptionist, you can now get ChatGPT to transcribe your audio or video recordings, which can be useful for written reports or improving your record-keeping. You can also ask ChatGPT questions about the content to help you isolate the information you need. Want to dictate directly to ChatGPT? Browser extension Promptheus solves that too.

Example prompts for ChatGPT: 
  • Can you transcribe this recording of our team meeting?
  • Transcribe this audio recording of my meeting with Mr Johnson.
  • Can you create a summary of this interview with a potential buyer?
  • What were the client’s key concerns during our last video call?
  • Can you create a written report based on this audio recording of a property inspection?

Use ChatGPT as a data analyst:

You can use ChatGPT to help you analyse your business or market data, such as sales trends or customer preferences, which can help you make informed decisions and identify opportunities.

Example prompts for ChatGPT:
  • What can you tell me about this data [paste data]?
  • Can you see any patterns or trends?
  • Can you analyze our sales data for the past year and provide a report on trends?
  • Can you help me understand our clients' preferences based on the data we have collected?

Use ChatGPT as a research assistant:

Let ChatGPT be your dedicated research assistant and help you find relevant information and resources for your business. Pair with the free browser extension WebChatGPT to include relevant web search results alongside the AI responses for more accurate and up-to-date conversations.

Example prompts for ChatGPT:
  • Can you find the ownership history on [insert property address]?
  • Can you summarise the five key takeaways from [insert book or resource]?
  • Can you find me some resources on effective real estate negotiation techniques?
  • Can you find market trends, demographics, inventory, and average pricing for [insert location]?
  • Help me conduct a comparative market analysis to determine the value of [insert property address] relative to similar properties in the area.

It’s inevitable that AI like ChatGPT is going to replace more and more of the day-to-day tasks performed by property professionals. Will it replace our jobs? No. What it will do is help us streamline processes and increase overall efficiency so that we can focus on more valuable activities, such as building relationships. As ChatGPT continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see how it transforms the industry and improves the experiences of buyers, sellers, and agents alike.

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